Borrow & Renew

The Library's services are impacted by building construction projects. Please visit our blog post, HSU Library Fall 2021 Services & Welcome Back for an overview and updates on current services.

The Humboldt State University Library loans a wide variety of materials to our patrons, including books, journals, theses, government documents, and several formats of multimedia.  Below are the answers to some common questions, with links to more detailed information on our services and borrowing policies.  Still have questions?  Contact us at 826-3431.

Circulation FAQ

What do I need to check out an item?
A currently valid HSU ID, or an HSU Library Community Borrower's Card must be presented at the checkout to borrow items from the Library.

Who is eligible to borrow items from the Library?
All current HSU students, staff and faculty have borrowing privileges, as well as current members of the HSU Alumni Association. Borrowing privileges are available for a fee to local community members.

Can my friend check out items for me?
No, only the pictured owner of the HSU ID or Borrower's Card may use it.

How long can I keep items I have borrowed?
The default loan period for books is 16 weeks for most borrowers (one year for graduate students and faculty). Loan periods for journals, government documents, and multimedia items are limited. Print Reserve materials usually circulate for two hours. Books and Reserve materials are usually renewable; other formats and materials are not.

How can I check on what items are currently checked out to me? How can I renew an item?
View your account to see what you have checked out and to renew items (where possible). To renew or return a hotspot, laptop, or Chromebook, place a request at the form here.

What can I do if something I need is checked out?
From the library catalog, a recall may be initiated by clicking on "Request Item" when viewing an item record. The current borrower will be notified and renewals blocked. When the item is returned it will be held for you to pick up.

The Library catalog says an item is not checked out, but it is not on the shelf - what can I do?
From the library catalog, a search/hold may be initiated by clicking on "Request Item" when viewing an item record. When the item is found it will be held for you to pick up.

How many items may I check out at a time?
There is currently no limit on print materials, but only 3 CDs and 3 Videos may be checked out at once.

Where can I return Library materials?
Please visit the Returns page for the latest information.

What if I have lost a library book?
If you have lost a library book, contact Circulation staff in person or by phone at 826-3431, about the different options for replacement.

Why do I keep getting overdue notices for an item I remember returning?
It is possible that you returned your item on the same day that the overdue notice was sent out. If you have any questions please contact the library at