For Community

The Library's services are impacted by building construction projects. Please visit our blog post, HSU Library Fall 2021 Services & Welcome Back for an overview and updates on current services.

Welcome to the Humboldt State University Library.  The following services are available to community members who are not affiliated with HSU.

In-Library Use of Materials

Most of the Humboldt State University Library bookstacks are open to the public, and the online catalog, OneSearch, which contains access information for most of the resources housed in the Library, may be searched from any location on or off campus. In-library use of most materials does not require a Library ID card. Use of some protected collections, including Print Reserves and the special Case Collection, requires either a Library ID card or a photo ID such as a driver's license. You must have a Library ID card to view videos and DVDs and to listen to CDs in the Library's Media Resources Area.

In-Library Use of Databases and Online Journals

The Library’s databases and online journals are available without logon at computers marked “Quick Reference.” Access to most internet resources and commercial email is blocked at these computers.Options available for full internet access in the Library are described under Computer Use. Off-site use of databases and online journals is available only for current students, faculty, and staff.

Library ID Card

To check out books and other circulating materials, you must have a Library ID card made at the Checkout Desk. Community members who are at least 18 years old, with California DMV identification and a local address, may obtain a Library ID card for a fee of $19 for four months or $40 for a year. Local high school students under age 18 have the opportunity to obtain a card through their high school. Note that access to search/hold and interlibrary loan services and remote access to licensed electronic databases are not available to community borrowers. Community members who are registered for borrowing may also receive a computer logon ID that allows 2 hours per day of open internet use at selected computers in the Library. The ID remains valid for a long as borrowing privileges are valid.

Loan Periods

Loan periods for books and other materials vary.

Computer Use

A person not otherwise connected with the university who wishes to access the internet from within the HSU Library must first register as a short-term Community Internet User (CIU) at the Checkout Desk to receive a username and password that allows access for a maximum duration of 2 hours each day. The username and password are valid for up to 6 months. Access is only available to persons age 18 and older.

Printing is available for registered community users.

Open Access Databases

The Library maintains a listing of high quality open access databases that are available to unaffiliated users from on or off campus.