Therapy Dogs in the Library Dec. 5, Dec. 7, Dec. 11, Dec. 13

Therapy Dogs in the Library

The Great Holiday map wrap

The Great Holiday Map Wrap

new books in Nordstrom lobby, 1st floor of Library

New Popular Reading Added

Just in time for winter break - check them out!

The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt invites you to Publish your Capstone Project! Submit at

Submit at

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Textbooks on Reserve

Don't buy or rent your textbooks, borrow them for free from the Library!

Save money on textbooks meet with a peer about OER for your class

Open Education Resources Drop-in Help

Get help on OER Monday 2-4pm and Thursday 11am-1pm near L206

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Discover Your Library

Learn about the Cal Poly Humboldt Library with this short video!

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