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Thanks to your generous donations we have accomplished great things in the Library!

The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt

image of the press office, 3rd floor The Press is a digital, open-access, author-friendly, community-focused, student-operated university press that publishes high-quality scholarly, intellectual, and creative works by or in support of our campus community. The Press is dedicated to the Humboldt vision to improve the human condition and our environment by sharing knowledge, connecting communities, and promoting understanding of social, economic, and environmental issues.



Humboldt Scholars Lab

image of the Humboldt Scholars Lab, 3rd floorThe Cal Poly Humboldt Library created the Humboldt Scholars Lab in 2016, as an innovative hub for research and scholarship on campus. It’s an experimental classroom without walls to encourage cross-disciplinary learning. Thanks to your contributions the Humboldt Scholars Lab is a place that welcomes everyone interested in advanced research pursuits.



Special Collections Reading Room

image of Special Collections reading roomThe Special Collections Reading Room was opened March 1, 2018, as a dynamic research space where students, campus, and community members can come together to foster a greater understanding of the history, people, and culture of Humboldt County through the many collections and archives.




Anatomage Table

image of a skeloton on an anatomage tableThis interactive 3D anatomy table can support the curriculum of multiple disciplines across campus, and is a fun way to explore and learn. Cal Poly Humboldt Library is the only library in the state with this technology from Anatomage and it is changing the way students learn. For more details, please check out the Humboldt Now article: 

The Library is better able to support learners and community thanks to your continued generosity and support.



Collaboration Stations

image of students working around a collaobration stationCollaborative work spaces support the development of key skills such a problem solving, teamwork, and effective communication. They have become very popular with students.





Real-World Projects through Student Employment

The Library gives student employees direct hands-on experience to create beneficial programs such as:

"I had a clear goal for my transfer year - I took Foreign Relations and the Library Scholar internship. Working with local history gave me a path to a different career that I haven’t thought about before. Library Sciences has become a Plan B for my History degree. Maybe I wasn’t looking, but I definitely found it." 

Jorge Ambriz, Spring 2016


image of students working at a collaboration station

"We have been coming here since last semester. This is our spot! It leads to better communication because everyone can see what is going on (rather than looking over each other’s shoulders) and give input. We are Chemistry and Physics majors, but we don’t have keycards for the Chemistry computer lab, so this space is ideal for us." 

Chloe Goings (Physics), Taylor Team (Geology) and David Poplin (Chemistry)