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Atkinson Family Library Scholar Internship

Glen Atkinson, a Humboldt State College Alumni, endowed the Atkinson Family Library Scholar Internship to support student research and skills that will provide lifelong value. One student each semester will be an Atkinson Family Library Scholar and dedicate their project-based learning within Special Collections, Digital Media Lab, Scholarly Communications, or Instruction.

Special Collections serves as a unique space for the acquisition and preservation of the University and Humboldt County history. To communicate this history, Special Collections aims to provide access to these collection materials to a wide research audience that ranges from Cal Poly Humboldt student and faculty, to the general public.

To sample our unique collections, we encourage you to visit the Special Collections website and stop by our location at Library Room 303.

About Glen Atkinson

The “new” library opened the last year Glen Atkinson was on campus, 1962. These were the days before internet searches, downloading documents, or even photocopies were available. Glen appreciated the open stacks that allowed him to browse books and journals, something that is more difficult to do in large universities.

“Humboldt State College provided a solid background for me to pursue graduate school and then an academic career,” Glen said. “That was not my career goal when I entered college but I was inspired by my own experience at HSU to continue my education. That provided an extraordinary quality of life for me and my family. This realization made me grateful and is a major reason we want to give something back.”

Glen visited with a group of interns who were bringing together the 50-year history of Redwood National Park, a subject of interest to the Northern California population and potentially a wider audience.

This partnership was made possible by Glen meeting with the Office of Philanthropy to determine where his interests matched the needs of the campus, rather than simply writing a check.

Glen’s giving will enable future Library Scholar Interns to learn through projects integrated with academic study. This will provide students skills that will be valuable in their careers. The overall goal is to make the Library a facility to support and encourage student and faculty research.

“I hope our small contribution will help others discover and achieve their career goals,” said Glen. The appreciation Glen has received from campus officials has convinced him and his wife that their gift can make a big difference.

Outstanding Students & Projects

"I am proud of the results of this Photovoice Project. I acquired both soft skills and hard skills. My digital literacy expanded tremendously through hands-on work. I social networked to gain support and utilize available resources. With the amazing help of Pam Bowers and Kyle Morgan, this project allowed me to improve my skills. Not only that, but I am grateful to be part of such an important topic and present at IdeaFest 2023.”

Maia Miglio, Photovoice Project, Atkinson Family Internship, Spring 2023


“My summer internship writing instructional guides on solar-powered projects helped me grow as an engineer and an independent thinker. Over the course of the project, I created all the materials necessary for the guides including studio photos, 3-D models, and detailed step-by-step technical instructions. These tasks bolstered my skills as an interdisciplinary budding professional.” 

Kyle Wolfe, Atkinson Family Internship, Summer 2023


“Through my internship, I have even been able to make connections with library professionals in their workplaces, ranging from public to academic libraries. I was able to shadow and interview librarians both within Humboldt County and outside of it.”

Rio Nicholson, Atkinson Family Internship, Spring 2022