Campus ID

Campus ID cards are processed at the Library Checkout Desk during the following hours (or by appointment by calling 707-826-5601).
Regular Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-9pm
Summer Hours:
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
Other HSU Recesses:
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
The ID Services offers the following:
  • ID cards for Students, Staff, and Faculty
  • Badges for campus use
  • Library Community Borrower cards for people not affiliated with the campus such as Alum and Residents.


  1. Log into myHumboldt using your HSU user name and password
  2. Click the button near the top to access Student Center
  3. Use the navigation at the top of the page to go to: Main Menu > Humboldt CS Customization > HUM Records and Enrollment > Self Photo > Self Photo
  4. Click Upload Photo
  5. You will need to browse to the photo you wish to upload. Once located, click OK.

This photo will be your permanent HSU ID card picture throughout your time at HSU. Please keep this in mind when selecting your photo. Once uploaded, you will not be able to change your photo.

The photo will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a white background
  • Must be in color (black and white photos will not be accepted)
  • Must be a full front view of your head and shoulders only
  • Must be cropped from just above the top of head to collarbone
  • Do not retouch or otherwise enhance or soften photo
  • The file must be in jpg or jpeg format
  • File size cannot exceed 5MB
  • No inappropriate or offensive photographs
  • No hats or sunglasses

A separate Photo ID will be required to pick up your HSU ID card.


Why do I need an HSU-ID card?

  • Use as an HSU Library card for checking out library materials.
  • The ID card is your Jack Pass, providing unlimited rides on public transportation across Humboldt County. The Eureka Transit Service, Humboldt Transit Authority, and Arcata and Mad River Transit System are participants. Click here for bus schedules.
  • Receive discounts on software and hardware at the HSU Bookstore.
  • Use as a debit card for on campus purchases.
  • Use the Student Health Center.
  • Use the campus computer labs.
  • Buy discount tickets at the University Box Office.
  • Attend athletic events for free.
  • Eat meals and do laundry in the residence halls.
  • Use as a door key if you live on campus.
  • Get discounts at local businesses.
  • Get a campus parking permit.

How much does an HSU-ID card cost?

  • For new students who have never attended HSU previously, a $5.00 charge for your first card is included in your fees.

I lost my HSU-ID card / changed my name / want a new picture

  • A replacement card can be purchased for $5.00.  The Library circulation supervisor will add a $5.00 charge to your account, and then issue your replacement ID.  If you prefer, you can pay at the cashier’s window in the Student & Business Services building (6C on map) or the Housing cashier at the Jolly Giant Complex. You will receive a receipt which you take to the Library Checkout Desk to have a new card processed.

My HSU-ID card is damaged and no longer works

  • If your card develops wear which prevents it from working for campus related functions (purchases, bus, events), turn in the damaged card to the Library Checkout Desk and a new card will be printed at no charge. There is no option to have a new picture taken if the replacement is free.
  • If all that is needed is a new barcode for library checkouts, that can be replaced without printing a new card
  • The replacement cards will work immediately for all transactions requiring a student ID number. On campus housing students will also need to go to the Housing Office to have their card encoded with their room key code.

How long is the HSU-ID card valid?

  • The HSU-ID card should last throughout your academic or employment career at HSU.
  • Employees of HSU (Staff/Faculty) are required to turn in their HSU-ID cards upon termination or retirement. Depending on their status, a former employee could be eligible for a Retirement ID card that would allow library privileges. Please consult with your departments for further information.

What do I need to do to get an HSU-ID card or a Community Borrower card?

  • Only currently registered students are eligible to obtain an HSU-ID card. Please bring an official form of photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport to the Library Checkout Desk. It is also helpful to provide your ID number.
  • Staff and Faculty will need to provide an HSU-ID Card Request form provided by Human Resources or their hiring department.
  • Community members will be asked to fill out a Community Borrower application requesting additional information.

How can I replace my HSU Staff/Faculty ID card?

  • Obtain an HSU-ID Card Request Form from Human Resources to verify your current employment status.
  • If you have lost your card, there is a $5.00 replacement fee.  Your department can be billed or you can pay the fee at the Cashier's Office, SBS 285.  Bring your receipt and ID card request form to the Library Checkout Desk to have the replacement processed.
  • If your card no longer works for campus-related functions, there is no fee.  Bring your damaged card and ID card request form to the Library Checkout Desk to have the replacement processed.

Where do I get an HSU-ID card and how long will it take?

  • Come to the Library Checkout Desk during open hours   It takes just a few minutes to process a card.

How do I deposit money onto my C-card account or a J Point account?

  • Self service:
    • Add-Value Terminal is located in the HSU Library, on the second floor near the main staircase
  • In person (it takes some minutes for the deposit to show on the account):
    • Library Café
    • College Creek Market
    • Hilltop Market
    • Giant’s Cupboard
  • Online:
    • You will need to provide a credit card number. There is a $2.00 transaction fee for this service.
  • By phone:
    • Call the Housing Cashier’s Office, (707) 826-5510, between 9am and 4pm.

May I reactivate an old HSU-ID card?

  • For security purposes, only one HSU-ID card may be active at a time. If you are missing your current card and find an old one, you may bring it to the Library Checkout Desk to be reactivated at no charge if it is in acceptable condition.

What if I lose my HSU-ID card?

  • First check with the Library lost and found at the Checkout Desk, the University Police Department, or the Cashiers Window in case it has been found and turned in.
  • Report a lost card to the Housing Cashier, contact the HSU Bookstore, or enter the necessary information online.
  • If you've lost your HSU-ID Card you can deactivate your J Points and C-Card Accounts online. Don't forget to reactivate them with the Housing Cashier when you get a new card.

What if the magstrip on my card stops working on campus and on the bus?

  • You may have to pay a bus fare for that trip. Obtain a receipt from the bus driver and take the receipt to the UPD window in the SBS building.
  • UPD may send you to the Library Checkout Desk to have your security code adjusted so your card functions properly again.
  • Your mag stripe may be worn to the point that it is no longer readable or it may have become demagnetized. You can stop by the Library Checkout Desk to have your card evaluated. If the card can’t be re-encoded, a replacement card will be processed at no charge.  No new photo is taken if the replacement is free.

My card doesn’t work on my door in Housing.

  • If your card works for everything else, but it doesn’t work to get into your room, take your card to the Housing desk on the second floor of the Jolly Giant Commons for evaluation. If your card can’t be re-encoded, you will receive a voucher to have a replacement card printed at the Housing Cashiers Office down the hallway from the Housing desk.
  • If your card is worn and not working for your door or any campus function, take it to the Library Checkout Desk to have a free replacement processed. You will still need to take the new card to the Housing desk to have your room key code added onto it.

How do I care for my card?

  • HSU-ID cards should be carried in a protective holder or wallet. Close proximity to magnetic fields (TVs, cell phones, computers, etc.) may decode the magnetic stripe on the card.  Holes should not be punched in the mag stripe area of the card. Try to avoid punching holes in your card, as it may loosen the polycarbonate laminate covering.
  • To maximize the longevity of your card, please avoid doing the following which could be potentially damaging:
    • Leave your card in the hot sun
    • Bite it
    • Habitually bend it
    • Rub it up against another mag stripe
    • Send it through the wash and dry cycles