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Rohde Library Scholar Internship

We are very pleased to announce that thanks to a generous donation from Jerry and Gisela Rohde, we are establishing the endowed Rohde Library Scholar Internship, supporting paid internships for Cal Poly Humboldt students with Press@Humboldt and Special Collections in perpetuity. Please join us in expressing our gratitude to Jerry and Gisela Rohde for their vision to provide our students with powerful experiences in publishing and Special Collections research.

The Rohde Library Scholar Internship provides powerful learning opportunities to Cal Poly Humboldt students as they gain experience working with publishing, and researching in Special Collections, each semester. Library Scholar Interns benefit from experience with project-based learning, research opportunities, and hands-on work, including: researching and creating digital exhibits from Special Collections, as well as, publishing skills, such as; digitization, text layout, marketing, and publishing with the Press@Humboldt. One of the primary goals of the Press is providing all Humboldt students with the opportunity to publish before they graduate, and the Rohde Library Scholar Internship will be crucial to building support to achieve that vision. As esteemed authors and teachers of local history and trail guides, Jerry and Gisela are empowering students to research history and publish works that create paths for future readers to enjoy.

We sincerely thank Jerry and Gisela Rohde for their outstanding support of the Press@Humboldt and Special Collections. Paid internship experiences are incredible opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom, develop valuable skills and portfolio, and learn more about Humboldt County. Please visit the Library Scholar Internships webpage for information about the program. There you will also find links to many of the outstanding Library Scholar Projects. Read more from Cal Poly Humboldt's Advancement: A Donation After Their Own Hearts.

About Jerry and Gisela Rohde

Jerry and Gisela Rohde met in San Bernardino County during college and moved to Humboldt County in 1979 for the natural beauty and history of this unique area. Jerry Rohde taught with Eureka City Schools and was a lecturer at the University, and Gisela Rohde worked at Cal Poly Humboldt Library as the Serials Manager. In their retirement, Jerry and Gisela are busy teaching OLLI courses and giving presentations on local history. They are also involved in researching and publishing trail guides and histories of Humboldt County. In fact, we are very excited they are publishing their upcoming book with the Press@Humboldt this year. We are sincerely grateful for their vision, as well as their community engagement, and generous support of paid student internships at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library.

"We are thrilled to able to support the University Library’s very important and relevant work by creating the Rohde Library Scholar Internship. This endowment will support two crucial library activities, its Special Collections and the Press. As authors and teachers who have benefitted from both of these fine programs, we are especially pleased that we can help assure their enhancement and continuity. Cyril Oberlander, the Library Dean, has fashioned an endowment plan that allowed us to quickly and easily convert some of our IRA assets into a fund that will benefit the library in perpetuity. It is heartening to know that the student interns funded by our endowment will be working with two dynamic and highly competent librarians, Kyle Morgan of Scholarly Communications and Carly Marino of Special Collections. We hope others will join us in supporting the Library." --Jerry and Gisela Rohde

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