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Publish in csuglobal!


The recently launched online publication csuglobal, hosted by Cal Poly Humboldt, invites CSU students and faculty to submit. Global engagement has never been more important and we are confident that California generally, and the CSU specifically, can lead the way. csuglobal is an exciting, accessible, and scholarly venue for your consideration.

csuglobal connects California to the world by offering interactivity and open access to the vast interdisciplinary content created in the CSU. csuglobal accepts all types of content (written, audio, photos, etc.). The publication consists of three sections:

  • csuglobalCA, a public forum ‘zine
  • csuglobaljournal, a peer-reviewed publication with four interdisciplinary themes:
    • Theme 1: Society, Culture and Identity
    • Theme 2: Institutions, Structures and Power
    • Theme 3: Networks of Economy and Trade
    • Theme 4: Scientific Essentials and Sustainable Environments
  • csuglobalaction, a peer-reviewed teaching journal and resource for international education and educators

In each section, see the “Invitation to submit” and “Submission guidelines” buttons.

For questions about csuglobal, please see the Editorial Board page. Authors are encouraged to contact Managing Editor Alison Holmes. Authors may also contact Associate Editors for their csuglobaljournal theme of interest.