Student Centered Learning Spaces

State-of-the Art Additions offer Dynamic Learning for Students
and Unique Opportunities for Donors

IdeaFest 2015 To meet seismic retrofit requirements as well as the evolving needs of students, faculty, staff, and community, the Library is undergoing transformational renovation in 2016 -2019 to create a dynamic 21st Century library. We have five innovative rooms slated for construction in addition to the installation of more collaboration stations. Contributions to Cal Poly Humboldt’s Library at this uniquely transformative time can result in an enduring and public acknowledgement of your support.

At HSU, across curriculum we are teaching students to tell stories in new ways that resonate with new audiences. These stories are important. We need this lab. There are 26 computers in the Multimedia Computer Lab in Gist Hall, which are in constant use. Students don’t have enough time to complete their projects. Having additional computers with digital media software in the Library will help.
--Deidre Pike, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Mass Communication

Research Collaboration Stations

Engaging team learning environments across three floors

students at collaboration stationCollaborative work spaces support the development of key skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and effective communication. The Library currently offers eight Collaboration Stations, including one with a 60-inch screen where students can create presentations together in a realistic setting. However, our students consistently request additional study rooms to work in teams to synthesize or present information.

Goal: $5,000 each

We have been coming here since last semester. This is our spot! It leads to better communication because everyone can see what is going on (rather than looking over each other’s shoulders) and give input. We are Chemistry and Physics majors, but we don’t have keycards for the Chemistry computer lab, so this space is ideal for us.
--Chloe Goings (Physics), Taylor Team (Geology) and David Poplin (Chemistry)

Campus Event Space "NW Conference Room"

ideaFest in the Fishbowl A campus community space for students, faculty, authors...

With more than 120 events at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library each year, our campus community has asked for much needed additional performance, lecture, and workshop space. This additional event space will provide current presentation technology in a flexible space. Currently, the Library Fishbowl is a popular location for workshops, presentations, meetings, author and poetry readings, book signings, and a variety of other events attended by the wider North Coast community, as well as the campus community. Our 2015 campus interviews and survey revealed a desire for additional event space at the Library, similar to the Fishbowl. To meet that need, a second event space will be built to provide a greater seating capacity and access to presentation technology.  Read on for more information...

Goal: $100,000

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