The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt

The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt is a digital, open-access, author-friendly, community-focused, student-operated university press that publishes high-quality scholarly, intellectual, and creative works by or in support of our campus community. The Press is dedicated to the Humboldt vision to improve the human condition and our environment by sharing knowledge, connecting communities, and promoting understanding of social, economic, and environmental issues.

image of ideaFest Journal coverThe Press primarily publishes textbooks, scholarly works, and non-fiction, as well as provides a hosting platform for journals, theses, research posters, and educational resources. The Press can facilitate editing, peer-review, design, layout, and some local marketing. We publish digitally and in open access. Authors retain all copyright and pay no fees for publication. All authors are welcome to submit proposals.

For classrooms, the power of publishing turns otherwise theoretical learning into applied, real-world learning that empower students and share their voices. Student assistants, interns, and volunteers at The Press learn essential professional skills that will help them long after graduation.

The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt:

  • Builds skills and resume successes for authors and student assistants alike
  • Empowers local authors and voices
  • Launches professional and literary identities
  • Promotes the author, university, and local community to the world
  • Provides global access to knowledge
  • Engages local and worldwide community building
  • Reduces university, library, and student material costs
  • Allows authors a platform to promote local voices, causes, and equity
  • Energizes classroom innovation and experiential learning
  • Facilitates information literacy with real-world writing to real-world audiences
  • Demystifies publishing processes and workflows

Imagine waves of graduates leaving Humboldt, year in and year out, skilled, experienced, and confident to engage the world in written communication. Imagine a place where Cal Poly Humboldt and Humboldt community voices and knowledge can be shared with the world. The Press provides that opportunity. Aaron Laughlin, a graduate student at Cal Poly Humboldt, said, “The Press has provided me with a singular opportunity to become a more capable scholar and professional.” Please consider donating in support of the Library Scholarly Communications Internship as we continue our efforts to help all Cal Poly Humboldt students publish.

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