Humboldt Scholars Lab

Scholars Lab mapThe Cal Poly Humboldt Scholars Lab is a hub for innovation. Everyone’s an expert at something. How are you going to share your expertise with the world? Collaborate on creating digital projects, 3D printed objects, publishing and website development, and more. The Cal Poly Humboldt Library opened Humboldt Scholars Lab October 24, 2016, as an innovative hub for research and scholarship on campus. The Humboldt Scholars Lab welcomes everyone interested in advanced research pursuits.

The Humboldt Scholars Lab is a new space on the third floor that is a place of conversation and collaboration for Cal Poly Humboldt students, faculty, staff, and community in advanced studies in primary source research, GIS, digital humanities, and scholarship. This is a lab to explore technology, research, and scholarship; to advance work in digital humanities or science projects, geospatial information projects, research data services and visualization, and digital scholarship; and to share expertise with others doing similar scholarly pursuits.

The Humboldt Scholars Lab is a place where students and faculty from across a variety of disciplines are provided with technology and training to partner on digital projects with a focus on the digital humanities, geospatial information, and innovative creations. The Humboldt Scholars Lab is a place dedicated to foster collaboration between Cal Poly Humboldt students and faculty in advanced studies or digital humanities and scholarship projects that require consultation, planning, and technology. Conversations about research interests and collaborations on digital humanities or science projects, geospatial information projects, digital scholarship, and research data services are developed in the Scholars Lab and shared with the research community.

The Humboldt Scholars Lab is supported by scholars like you, sharing their expertise and talking about their projects. The lab is also supported by a team of librarians and the Library Scholar Interns. Starting this September, the Library Scholar Intern team began designing and building connections and conversations with faculty about their research. The Library Scholar Intern program offers paid internships for Cal Poly Humboldt students to gain hands-on experience with advanced scholarship, research, and digital humanities with the Digital Media Lab, Special Collections, and Scholarly Communications. The third floor will continue to evolve into a hub for scholarship and research with your help.

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Read more about how you can help support the Humboldt Scholars Lab and the amazing projects that will be produced there.

Listen to the interview on KHSU with librarians Kyle Morgan, Tim Miller, and Carly Marino talking about the opening reception, October 24, 2016, and all the amazing opportunities this new space will provide for the campus and community.

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