Discovering Humboldt: Getting Humboldt County on the Map & Social Media

Join HSU Library in improving the online discovery of the places we enjoy in Humboldt, and be a part of supporting the economic resilience of Humboldt County. HSU Library is offering a series of free online workshops to help put the places we love on the map, literally, using Google Maps and other platforms. It’s fun and easy to contribute photos and reviews, and that has a powerful impact on our community and the economy.

Basic Concept

Leverage discovery platforms share details about the places you enjoy that others might care about too… such as; finding ADA accessible parks, dog off-leash parks and beaches, great swimming holes, or family friendly parks.

Discovery Platform Review Guidelines Instructions
Google Maps Maps User Contributed Content Policy Write Reviews
Travelocity Community Guidelines
Trip Advisor Guidelines for traveler reviews How do I write a review?
Yelp Content Guidelines Getting started with your first review
Wikipedia Policies & Guidelines Contributing to Wikipedia

As for favorites, here is a list in progress that students shared during the Spring of 2019:

  • Favorite Hikes: Agate Beach, Arcata Community Forest, Arcata Marsh, Centerville Beach, Devil’s Playground, Fern Canyon, Ferndale, Headwaters Trail, Lost Coast (Northern 25, Southern 25), Pamela’s Point, Prairie Creek, Redwood Park, Russ Park, Strawberry Rock, Trillium Falls, Trinidad Head
  • Favorite Beaches: Agate Beach, Big Lagoon, Centerville Beach, Clam Beach, College Cove, Luffenholtz Beach, Mad River, Moonstone Beach, Samoa Beach, Trinidad Head
  • Other Favorites: Blue Lake, Crescent City, Ferndale, Fort Humboldt, Scotia, Six Rivers (Smith River), Swimmers Delight, Trinity Alps

There are so many more wonderful Humboldt County areas! Please share your favorites and share a review you post, we will add your name to the list of Discovering Humboldt Contributors; simply email your name and review to: Thank you for joining us! --Cyril Oberlander, Library Dean, and Annika Slattery, Recreation Administration Major and Library Student Assistant

Why Discovering Humboldt?

Word of mouth is a frequent way to find out all the great places to visit in Humboldt County, and it takes years to learn a fraction of the beautiful places to visit. To make our information more readily accessible for searches like “dog walking trails near me” or “accessible trails” and to support our economic recovery, we want to enhance our regions' information and leverage tools we all use.

First and foremost, we want Humboldt discoveries to have your voice, and it is fun to write reviews, contribute photos, and be acknowledged as a local guide. Secondly, by enhancing regional information, we make Humboldt visible in a world where search engine bias for big data often directs traffic to the data wealthy. Rural areas are challenged because of the lack of recognition that rural communities have in comparison to more popular destinations that are often near urban areas or well-established tourist sites (Brown, 2015). Tourists are more likely to select destinations to visit if they see images and reviews (Croy, 2010), and this is especially a challenge for rural communities given the scarcity of reviews. Increasing and enhancing information about the region’s recreational and educational opportunities will serve to support both the tourism economy, student retention at HSU based on a sense of belonging to the community, and supports digital information literacy skills; and HSU Library is about connecting people and information.

To increase tourism development in our rural area, and to enhance student experience, we propose to develop a diverse range of information and perspectives about the area. By “Discovering Humboldt”, the variety of details, images, and information make it easier to find the places we enjoy, attracting tourists and students who are interested in enjoying sightseeing attractions and activities. By collectively answering what is there to do in Humboldt County, we enrich everyone’s life. Discovering Humboldt will be an iterative project that each semester adjusts to the realities of the community, and learning various platforms. Please let us know if you have feedback or suggestions by emailing us at Thank you for contributing photos and reviews.

Discovering Humboldt Contributors