Augmented Reality Sandbox

Explanatory video from the students who created the sandbox on the 3rd floor

Computer Availability

Locate an open computer station in the Library or elsewhere on campus.

Computers & Printers

Information on accessing computers, printing in the library, connecting to the wireless network, and more.

Digital Media Lab

Create video, audio, photo, and web-based projects on your own or with help plus check out equipment for those projects including a 360-degree camera, GoPro, microphone, etc.

Flight Simulator

Choose from various types of aircraft and take off from airports all over the globe!

Technology Help Desk

Receive assistance with technological problems. This includes getting your email set up, logging onto computers with your Cal Poly Humboldt ID and password, connecting to the campus wireless network, and much more.

Virtual Reality

Learn more about using and creating Virtual Reality at the Cal Poly Humboldt University Library.