Security Procedures

To ensure that library materials are properly checked out when they leave the building, an electronic security system has been installed. Use of the Library is conditional on the willingness of the borrower to pass through the system and, if necessary, have backpacks, briefcases, etc. inspected upon exiting.

When a library item is checked out, the Circulation assistant desensitizes it, allowing it to pass through the security gate. Material which has not been desensitized will cause the alarm to sound and the exit gate to lock. Occasionally, a non-library item will trigger the security system. Whatever the cause, when the alarm sounds, all books, backpacks, etc. will be examined to make certain that library materials have been properly checked out. If the person setting off the alarm does not have a current campus ID card, a resident borrower library card, or DMV identification, or if the item has been damaged in an apparent attempt to illegally remove it from the Library, the Cal Poly Humboldt Police Department will be called in.

In order to prevent the theft of books and other library materials, state law authorizes the detention for a reasonable time any person using these facilities suspected of committing "library theft" (Penal Code Section 490.5).

Library users are also expected to abide by the Library's Public Use Policy.