HSU Banned Book Read-Outs Participants "First Memory of Reading a Book"

  1. a Mickey Mouse version of a Christmas Carol
  2. I was younger and I tried to read a doctor Suess book
  3. is when I went to the library and got my first library card and checked out my first book
  4. I read the Everybody Poops book with my mother
  5. I think I had a picture dictionary as a very young child my grandmother taught me to read when I was 4.
  6. I remember reading a "Dick and Jane" type of book with her.
  7. I remember learning to read with those easy read books.
  8. It was about a buttercup fairy my first memory of reading is with my sister helping me catch up my reading skills.
  9. Books were Clifford "The Big Red Dog" and Dr. Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham"
  10. I can not remember my first book, but all my books are a part of me I was so excited when I could read "Call of the Wild" by Jack London, from my father's bookshelf!
  11. reading Dr. Suess books and building houses from them; listening to my dad read to me from Dr. Seuss and telling him when he got the inflection wrong
  12. my grandma bought me a series of Curious George books and read them with me
  13. Rotten Island by William Steig
  14. George and Martha
  15. reading "Are you my mommy?" with mum
  16. my first memory of reading a book is reading Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild Things Are
  17. my parents always read me bed time stories snuggling under my blanket with dragons and knights

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