HSU Students, Faculty, and Staff know it is important to read banned books

These are the answers from HSU students, faculty and staff who participated in the Banned Book Read-Out when asked the question: "Why is it important to read banned books?"


Why is it important to read banned books?


it's important to read all books; knowledge = power
to learn cultural and societal values that went against the power of the day
expand your kind, read all books, especially the banned ones
they've got the best material!
it's important to read…period. We shouldn't suppress thought or the written word
because our written stories are all that will be left of us someday, history isn't subjective
because no one person or group of people should be allowed to restrict the uncomfortable, inconvenient or revealing speech of another
educate and learn from experiences that may be uncomfortable so that we can make educated decisions ourselves
just because
tell truth


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