Streaming Video Resources @ Humboldt Library - Spring '22

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Have some time on your hands? Check out these 10 video streaming tips and recommendations from the Cal Poly Humboldt Library:

Kanopy Streaming

Spotlight: Bell Hooks: Cultural Criticism & Transformation, In Whose Honor?

Titles streamed by Kanopy are available either directly from the library catalog or from the HSU Kanopy interface linked above to the Humboldt community. Those titles for which we do not hold streaming rights could be requested by filling in a request form. This form would appear on your screen and is forwarded to a staff member for consideration. Given our limited funds, we emphasize study and research needs when making purchase decisions.

Google Media Library A to Z

A searchable video database, Google Media Library A to Z is available for all faculty and staff located in the Google Share Drive. It's a collection of captioned videos that have been digitized for use in coursework. The database can be accessed via Canvas.

A short tutorial can be found at


Spotlight: CDOR 2021 Workshops/Featured Speaker

Developed at Carnegie Mellon University, Panopto is a lecture capture and video management system. Offering standalone and Canvas integrations, Panopto is available for HSUumboldt users to create, view, andstream content in our searchable database.

Humboldt Digital Scholar/CSU Scholarworks

Spotlight: MARVEL-ous Times on Campus: Race(bending), Whitewashing & Representation

Campus lectures by Humboldt faculty and visiting speakers including Sustainable Futures Speaker Series, Campus/Community Dialogue on Race, and many others are available from this archival repository.

Internet Archive


Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. KEET-TV has numerous programs uploaded to this archive in addition to their YouTube Library.


The American Archive of Public Broadcasting: a multi-station archive of a lot of PBS material from years back. It's a good place to start if you are looking for a streaming option for something you have on VHS.

PBS LearningMedia: a free streaming platform specifically for educators. There are many clips from a ton of programs. You might not find that full episode of NOVA but you might find the clip that you actually want to use.


Spotlight: WE THE PEOPLE, 13TH

Netflix Educational Videos YouTube Channel provides some videos to those without subscription.

ALA/FMRT hosted Digital Video Collections Guide

This guide includes licensed and freely available quality online resources.

Wabash Lily Library Open Streaming Video Collection

Offers quality, freely accessible collections of online video.