Finals Week De-Stressing Resources

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As we enter Finals Week, you may be looking for ways to de-stress before, during and after. The following list is a partial compilation of library, campus, and external resources to help you unwind.
Good luck with your finals!

Library Resources

  • Brain Booth - The Library Brain Booth is an informal, experiential space to learn about the mind body connection, reduce stress and optimize learning.
  • Makerspace - A space dedicated to making, the Makerspace offers online resources on topics including getting started with knitting and crochet.
  • Kanopy Streaming Video - Stream films and documentaries for free. Use your HSU username and password to access.
  • Naxos Music Library - Stream individual songs and entire albums from genres including classical, jazz, opera, and more. Use your HSU username and password to access.

Campus Resources

External Resources

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