Student Tourism & Travel Guide

Join us in creating a Student Tourism/Travel Guide!

Thanks to Library Scholar Internships and Thomas Boyd, a 1972 alumnus in Business Administration from HSU with years of experience in the travel industry, we have been researching how to promote tourism and travel in our area to HSU students. Last year, two Library Scholar Interns evaluated websites and gathered suggestions from students to better understand what tourism and travel information they wanted to know more about. Students shared favorite suggestions on Library Whiteboards.

whiteboard with post-it suggestions

Currently, two Library Scholar Interns are researching and reviewing area tourism and travel information, and one Library Scholar Intern, with their Computer Science 480 class, is researching the development of a web application to make events and favorite places discoverable in one location. What are a few favorite hikes and parks according to HSU students? Headwaters Trail, Redwood Park, and Trillium Falls. Some favorite beaches include Clam Beach, College Cove, Moonstone, and Trinidad Head.

Rather than learning about these through word of mouth, our goal is to make it easier to find the variety of fun places to visit as a new student or a visitor to our area. We intend to enhance the information and improve the reviews of the favorite locations in our area to connect that information to people.

Interested in helping?  Add your reviews of places you know and love to celebrate Tourism & Travel Week. Here are some tips for sharing information that helps us all discover and grow to love Humboldt County:

  • Use your social media to share information about your favorite sights with the tag #TourismHumCo this helps us gather information for our guide. Add #spiritoftravel #nttw20 to participate in the national celebration.
  • Consider adding information or your reviews to some of the favorites shared by students by taking the Tourism & Travel HumCo Challenge:

Look up the following websites, or your favorites, in a variety of platforms then add photos, reviews, or other information. For example, at this time of writing, Trillium Falls has a website, and has 32 reviews on Trip Advisor, 88 reviews in Google Review, but no photos on Google Maps. We can all enhance discovery by adding more reviews and information.

Discovery Platform Review Guidelines Instructions
Wikipedia Policies & Guidelines Contributing to Wikipedia
Trip Advisor Guidelines for traveler reviews How do I write a review
Yelp Content Guidelines Getting started with your first review
Google Maps Maps User Contributed Content Policy Write Reviews
Travelocity Community Guidelines  

As for favorites, here is a list in progress that students shared during the Spring of 2019:

  • Favorite Hikes: Agate Beach, Arcata Community Forest, Arcata Marsh, Centerville Beach, Devil’s Playground, Fern Canyon, Ferndale, Headwaters Trail, Lost Coast (Northern 25, Southern 25), Pamela’s Point, Prairie Creek, Redwood Park, Russ Park, Strawberry Rock, Trillium Falls, Trinidad Head
  • Favorite Beaches: Agate Beach, Big Lagoon, Centerville Beach, Clam Beach, College Cove, Luffenholtz Beach, Mad River, Moonstone Beach, Samoa Beach, Trinidad Head
  • Other Favorites: Blue Lake, Crescent City, Ferndale, Fort Humboldt, Scotia, Six Rivers (Smith River), Swimmers Delight, Trinity Alps

There are so many more wonderful Humboldt County areas!  Please share your favorites using the hashtag #tourismhumco or share your insights on the various discovery platforms, and thank you for celebrating National Tourism and Travel Week.

I want to especially thank the Library Scholar Interns for their research and support of fellow students and the local economy, and to thank Tom Boyd for his passion for tourism and travel, and for his generosity in supporting the Library Scholar Internship program and building our collection of tourism information resources. Tom recognizes the importance of paid internships and student experiences with applied research that engages the community and helps to positively transform the world.

If you want to know more about or support Library Scholar Internships, please visit the Library Scholar Internships page.

Cyril Oberlander, Library Dean