Your Library is OPEN!

Spring 2022 Library Hours Monday-Thursday 7:30am-11p Friday 7:30am-8pm Saturday 11am-7pm Sunday 11am-11pmHSU Library reopens Monday, January 18, 2022, as the majority of the Seismic Retrofit and Sprinkler Project has been completed. This milestone would not have been possible without the collaboration of ITS, TNS, Library and Library Partners, and Facilities Management, all focused to achieve reopening for the spring semester start date.

HSU Library Seismic Retrofit started planning in 2015, and most of the reinforcing and strengthening occurred between 2017-2020, with the last two years focused on installing a fire sprinkler system throughout the building. New LED lights and ceiling tiles were installed in the north side of the building along with a modernization to the central elevator. Upgraded ADA parking and accessibility plus many other enhancements were made to the building. Everyone is looking forward to returning to a much strengthened and improved HSU Library.

You will see some remaining work, including small patching and painting to be completed in the stairwells, balancing of ventilation, and other minor work. Facilities Management will complete the final scope of work in the least intrusive way possible as to not impact the daily functions at the Library. Over the next few months, you will also see a small structure being erected on the east side of the Library to house the building's fire pump and as well as a new back-up generator.

We want to thank everyone for their support during this time, and to thank CSU for funding the Seismic Retrofit Project. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Baugh, Project Manager, or Cyril Oberlander, Library Dean.