Weekly Makers Materials Swap

Weekly Makers Materials Swap--Share materials with your peers for sustainability

Do you have craft, art, or other maker-related materials that you don't need and are looking to trade for something you do need with your fellow students? Bring your unwanted or extra materials to swap with others at the Maker Materials Swap at the Library Makerspace (2nd floor) every Friday from 4-5pm. Here you can exchange materials, talk with other makers who might be artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, people who are enthusiastically or casually engaged in maker activities, or just curious about the makerspace. This event relies on community involvement. ROSE will be providing some recycled office supplies at the event.

In order to maintain this space for sharing, repurposing, and recycling materials, we ask that you take with you materials that you are unable to make a swap or pass them on to other learners. The makerspace does not have the capacity to recycle materials for you or store materials. This is a trade only event--no money is to be exchanged/sales made. Please do not bring sharp tools to trade such as utility or craft blades.

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