International Education Week - Feb. 6-10

photo of display case containing International Education Week itemsInternational Education Week runs Monday, February 6 through Friday, February 10, 2023. There are 37 events scheduled, including featured speakers, a keynote speaker, faculty research presentations, informational sessions on study abroad, the Peace Corps, and the State Department, and interesting evening events like Diaspora Day, International Film Night, and Global Dance night! The theme this year is Global Futures: Envisioning a Sustainable, Equitable, and Transcultural Tomorrow

The Welcome Ceremony and Flag Parade is at noon on Monday, February 6 on the SAC Quad. You can see more flags in the Library's 2nd floor and a great exhibit in the large case on the 1st of country flags hung in library

Keynote speaker Dr. Lonny Brooks will speak to, "Leveraging our Ancestral Intelligence with Afrofuturism: Searching for our undiscovered stories with the Megascope" on Tuesday, February 7 from 5-7pm in the Great Hall and includes refreshments!

Daytime events are in the Library Fishbowl (LIB209) and evening events are in Goodwin Forum (NHE102). See the full schedule of IEW events here and enjoy the poster of daily highlights.