Last Call to Submit to ideaFest!

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During the week of May 3-7th, the 8th Annual ideaFest Symposium will be hosted online through a new site called “Platform Q.” HSU students, staff, and faculty can still participate in ideaFest by sharing their research & creative activities in the following ways:

  • Online registration deadline for ideaFest is this Friday April 23rd, 2021. Participants can submit their projects online at You can submit digital posters or pre-recorded video presentations (including artistic performances, photography, digital art presentations, and more!)
  • If your classes have live zoom presentations already scheduled for the week of May 3-7th and you’d like them to be “featured events” in ideaFest to draw in a broader audience let us know! Email Erika Andrews at with the details of your research presentations, talks, live events, performances, etc. and we can cross-promote them in Platform Q that week.
  • Anyone from the HSU community can also submit their academic essays or research articles for the next issue of ideaFest Journal, HSU’s own peer-reviewed academic journal. The deadline to submit your publication proposals is December 31, 2021. For more information about ideaFest Journal contact Kyle Morgan at

If you or your students are interested in presenting, registration for ideaFest 2021 is now open! Click Here for more information or to sign up. This will be a great venue to display previously presented professional posters or multimedia presentations at this campus-wide research & creative activities symposium.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs by emailing Sally Hang at