Food Sovereignty Film Series

flyer for spring Food Sovereignty Film Series

HSU's Native American Studies Food Sovereignty Lab and Cultura Workspace presents 3 free films as part of their free Food Sovereignty Film Series:

  • March 5: Good Meat - Once a star athlete in his community, Beau LeBeau (Oglala Lakota) now weighs 333 pounds - an unhealthy weight which has triggered the onset of Type II Diabetes. His mother's untimely death from complications due to diabetes motivates him to drop the excessive pounds. Enlisting the help of a physician and nutritionist, Beau starts exercising and takes up a traditional Lakota diet of buffalo meat and other Native foods. (56 minutes)
  • April 2: Return: Native American Women Reclaim Foodways for Health and Spirit - Roxanne Swentzell from Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico whose efforts to reclaim ancient foodways, are echoed across the continent by Tlingit, Muckleshoot, Oglala Sioux, Menominee, and Seneca women. At its heart, this film is about empowering people to overcome their current circumstances through eating as their ancestors did - nutritiously and locally. Return offers an approach to confronting the diabetes epidemic now rampant in Native American communities. (28 minutes)
  • May 7: Gather - In traditional times, food in Indigenous North American communities was only as far away as the forest, plains, desert, sea, or garden in the village. Modern ways of life and challenges have taken us away or - in some cases - barred us from our food sources. But we, as Indigenous people, continue to return to our places of origin, including our food. Gather is that path, the story of the rebuilding of those food systems. Gather is an intimate portrait tracing the intentional destruction of Native American foodways and our renaissance and resilience, our inherent right, to reclaim it. (1 hour, 24 minutes)

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