Learn How to Use HathiTrust for Electronic Access to HSU Titles

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What is HathiTrust and how do you use it? Get those answers at the SkillShop offered on April 8th @ 4pm and April 13th @ noon - Access ebooks using HathiTrust with librarian Garrett Purchio. Register for one or both of the sessions to get the Zoom link.

HathiTrust's Emergency Temporary Access Service is currently providing electronic access to students, staff, and faculty for over 230,000 books held by the HSU Library!

Access HathiTrust to "check out" a copy for a limited period of time with an auto-renew feature for books still in use. Click the yellow "LOG IN" button on the top right of the screen.

Start typing Humboldt State University in the "Find your partner institution:" search box, then choose "Continue."


Start searching! You can limit your search to titles that we have access to by choosing the "Full-text" option in your search.

Please check out an item only when you plan to use it. Each Temporary Access book has an initial check-out period of 60 minutes. If you remain active in the book during the session, access time will be extended. If you do not remain active, it will be released for use by others on campus.

For more information, see HathiTrusts's How to Use ETAS.