Streaming Video Tips July 2020
watch more videos

Streaming for FREE in July:

  • Albacore Tuna: The Tale of a Fish, a documentary about Humboldt’s fishery is now available online free for viewing. The film by local media producers Jennifer Bell & Jessica Eden, examines the history and health of Eureka’s tuna fleet through interviews and video from sea.
  • Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America focuses on the world’s asylum & refugee situation and the journeys of LGBTQ people escaping persecution in their homeland. (Note: available through July 12th only)

Kanopy Streaming

Titles streamed by Kanopy are available either directly from the library catalog or from the HSU Kanopy interface linked above.

Recommended Documentaries:

Humboldt Digital Scholar

Campus lectures by HSU faculty and visiting speakers are available: Sustainable Futures Speaker Series, Campus/Community Dialogue on Race keynote speakers, Kieval Lectures, and many others are available from this archival repository.

Google Media Library A to Z

A searchable video database is now available for all faculty and staff located in Google Share Drive. The database is called Google Media Library A to Z Captions Only, and it's a collection of captioned videos that have been digitized for use in coursework. The database can be accessed via the Canvas home page. A short tutorial can be found at


  • The American Archive of Public Broadcasting is a multi-station archive of a lot of PBS material from years back. It's a good place to start if you are looking for a streaming option for something you have on VHS.
  • PBS LearningMedia is a free streaming platform specifically for educators. There are many clips from a ton of programs. You might not find that full episode of NOVA but you might find the clip that you actually want to use.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. KEET-TV has numerous programs uploaded to this archive as well. For example you can watch Chinese Experience in Humboldt County.



Responding to Teachers' Request for Access to Documentaries - For many years, Netflix has allowed teachers to screen documentaries in their classrooms. However, this isn’t possible with schools closed. So at their request, we have made a selection of our documentary features and series available on the Netflix US YouTube channel. See the full list of documentary films and series below.

Each title also has educational resources available, which can be used by both students and teachers - and we’ll be doing Q&As with some of the creators behind these projects so that students can hear from them firsthand.

We hope this will, in a small way, help teachers around the world.

Note these documentaries are currently available in English. Subtitles in more than a dozen languages will be available later this week. Also if you are a parent or teacher, please check the ratings so that you can make informed choices for your students and children.

  • 13th (Film) - The title of Ava DuVernay’s extraordinary and galvanizing documentary refers to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which reads, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” The progression from that second qualifying clause to the horrors of mass criminalization and the sprawling American prison industry is laid out by DuVernay with bracing lucidity. With a potent mixture of archival footage and testimony from a dazzling array of activists, politicians, historians, and formerly incarcerated women and men, DuVernay creates a work of grand historical synthesis. Please find educational resources here.
  • Abstract (Series - Season 1) - Abstract: The Art of Design takes you beyond blueprints into the art, science, and philosophy of design. The series goes inside the minds of the world’s greatest designers, showcasing the most inspiring visionaries from a variety of disciplines whose work shapes our culture and future. Please find educational resources here.
  • Babies (Series - select episodes) - Filmed over the course of three years, Babies is a landmark series that explores the miracle of the first full year of life through the pioneering work of leading scientists from across the globe. The series examines the epic journey every person embarks on, from helpless new-born to independent toddler. Following the life-changing adventures of 15 international families and featuring the latest research from eminent scientists who share their personal journeys of discovery into the infant mind, the series is filled with the exciting uncertainty of parenting, exploring each major milestone of development like never before. From the first bond a baby shares with its parents, to learning to feed, sleep through the night, crawl across the room, speak their first words, and discover the world around them – right up to those first steps of toddlerhood. Please find educational resources here.
  • Chasing Coral (Film) - Chasing Coral taps into the collective will and wisdom of an ad man, a self-proclaimed coral nerd, top-notch camera designers, and renowned marine biologists as they invent the first time-lapse camera to record bleaching events as they happen. Unfortunately, the effort is anything but simple, and the team doggedly battles technical malfunctions and the force of nature in pursuit of their golden fleece: documenting the indisputable and tragic transformation below the waves. With its breathtaking photography, nail-biting suspense, and startling emotion, Chasing Coral is a dramatic revelation that won’t have audiences sitting idle for long. Please find educational resources here.
  • Explained (Series - select episodes) - In partnership with Vox Media Studios and Vox, this enlightening explainer series will take viewers deep inside a wide range of culturally relevant topics, questions, and ideas. Each episode will explore current events and social trends pulled from the zeitgeist, touching topics across politics, science, history and pop culture -- featuring interviews with some of the most authoritative experts in their respective fields. Educational resources coming soon.
  • Knock Down the House (Film) - Four exceptional women mount grassroots campaigns against powerful incumbents in Knock Down the House, a galvanic and inspiring look at the 2018 midterm elections that tipped the balance of power. When tragedy struck her family in the middle of the financial crisis, Bronx-born Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had to work double shifts as a bartender to save her home from foreclosure. After losing a loved one to a preventable medical condition, Amy Vilela didn't know what to do with the anger she felt about America's broken health care system. Cori Bush, a registered nurse and pastor, was drawn to the streets when the police shooting of an unarmed black man brought protests and tanks into her neighborhood. A coal miner's daughter, Paula Jean Swearengin was fed up with watching her friends and family suffer from the environmental effects of the coal industry. Please find educational resources here.
  • Our Planet (Series) - Narrated by Sir David Attenborough This eight-part series will explore the unique and precious wonders of our natural world from the creators of the award-winning series Planet Earth. In partnership with World Wildlife Fund, Our Planet combines stunning photography and technology with an unprecedented, never-before-filmed look at the planet's remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants. The ambitious four-year project has been filmed in 50 countries across all the continents of the world, with over 600 members of crew capturing more than three and a half thousand filming days, and will focus on the breadth of the diversity of habitats around the world, from the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and diverse jungles of South America. Please find educational resources here.
  • Period. End of Sentence. (Short) - In a rural village outside Delhi, India, women lead a quiet revolution. They fight against the deeply rooted stigma of menstruation. Period. End of Sentence. — a documentary short directed by Rayka Zehtabchi — tells their story. For generations, these women didn't have access to pads, which lead to health problems and girls missing school or dropping out entirely. But when a sanitary pad machine is installed in the village, the women learn to manufacture and market their own pads, empowering the women of their community. They name their brand “FLY,” because they want women “to soar.” Their flight is, in part, enabled by the work of high school girls half a world away, in California, who raised the initial money for the machine and began a non-profit called “The Pad Project.” Please find educational resources here.
  • The White Helmets (Short) - A Netflix original short documentary, set in Aleppo, Syria and Turkey in early 2016. As the violence intensifies, The White Helmets follows three volunteer rescue workers as they put everything on the line to save civilians affected by the war, all the while wracked with worry about the safety of their own loved ones. Moving and inspiring, The White Helmets (directed by Academy Award®–nominated director Orlando von Einsiedel and producer Joanna Natasegara) is both a snapshot of the harrowing realities of life for ordinary Syrians who remain in the country, and a humbling portrait of the power of the human spirit. Please find educational resources here.
  • Zion (Short) - Zion is a gripping portrait of Zion Clark, a young wrestler born without legs who grew up in foster care. Clark began wrestling in second grade against his able-bodied peers. The physical challenge became a therapeutic outlet and gave him a sense of family. Moving from foster home to foster home, wrestling became the only constant thing in his childhood. The Netflix original documentary short is directed by Floyd Russ. Please find educational resources here.

Some Netflix Original educational documentaries are available for one-time educational screenings. To find out which titles are available for educational screenings, go to the "Only On Netflix" section of From here, navigate to "All Alphabetical."

Other Free Video Streaming

  • DOCUSEEK - offering 12 amazing documentaries on sustainability & environmental justice to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!
  • Planet of the Humans by Michael Moore
Anti-Asian Racism & Justice Reform Panel Discussion
photo of Stewart Kwoh

KEET-TV, Taiko Swing Humboldt, and Humboldt State University Library’s L4HSU Series invite everyone to a free ZOOM panel discussion on Wednesday, July 1 at 7:00-8:30pm. The focus is on “Anti-Asian Racism and Justice Reform: A Local and National Perspective” featuring local Asian community members and national Asian justice reform leaders. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter call for change, a serious discussion will take place in our community. You can participate in a thought- provoking and educational on-line panel discussion about being Asian in America, racism and hate crimes, and the intersection with criminal justice reform and protections for Black Indigenous and People of Color. The panel will feature Stewart Kwoh, Founder and former Executive Director of Advancing Justice-LA civil rights organization; Angela Chan, Policy Director and Senior Staff Attorney, Criminal Justice Reform at Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus (SF); and Alex Ozaki-McNeill, member of Equity Arcata and Humboldt native. The panel will be moderated by Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, Arts and Features Editor of the North Coast Journal.

To watch and participate in the discussion go to the link:

Watch live on Access Humboldt (Channel 11 or online) and listen live on KZZH-FM 96.7.

Watch Asian Americans on PBS:

Yes, Reference Help is Available!
photo of kiosk and outside of library

Research help is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Do you have a question? Need help finding a book, journal article, or searching a database?

Use this form to contact a reference librarian. Replies are usually sent within 24 hours, except holidays and weekends.

And watch for the new chat system coming Fall 2020.



NEA Big Read Humboldt!
National Endowment for the Arts Big Read Managed by Arts Midwest

Claudia Rankine’s award-winning book Citizen: An American Lyric examines the continued realities of racism in the U.S., as anti-Black racism and white supremacy remain widely unchecked. Over a dozen local organizations in Humboldt County have committed to reading Claudia Rankine’s Citizen and to working for systemic change in our community. All Humboldt County residents and community members are encouraged to read and participate in the many programs and events that facilitate dialogue about this book and what it presents in 167 pages of poetic language, full-color art, examples of media representation, and many layers of meaning. Programming, taking place in October and November 2020, will create spaces and structures for reflection, analysis, dialogue and positive strategies for change.

To support this programming, Humboldt State University was one of 84 organizations nationwide to receive a National Endowment for the Arts Big Read grant. An Arts Endowment initiative in partnership with Arts Midwest, the NEA Big Read facilitates ways for communities to share a good book. The NEA Big Read offers a range of titles that reflect many different voices and perspectives, aiming to inspire conversation and discovery. The main feature of the initiative is a grants program, managed by Arts Midwest, which annually supports dynamic community reading programs, each designed around a single National Endowment for the Arts Big Read selection.

Humboldt County’s Big Read programming will take place throughout the months of October and November 2020. Almost all events will be held online. Programming includes a virtual keynote presentation by the book’s author Claudia Rankine, to be held on Saturday, November 7. The growing calendar of events is available on the program’s website:

Programming includes the annual Campus/Community Dialogue on Race, a week of intensive conversation about the impact of racism and its intersections with all forms of oppression. Campus/Community Dialogue on Race seeks to account for the continued realities of racism and settler-colonialism as it also provides space for working toward systemic change and transformation. This year's Dialogue will run from October 26 (Mon) through October 30 (Fri), 2020. The theme selected for this year’s Campus/Community Dialogue on Race event—Global Justice: Examining the Past and Reimagining the Future—reminds us of the global scope of racial injustice and interlocking oppressions. For more information about the 2020 Campus/Community Dialogue on Race, please visit

Claudia Rankine’s book will be widely available through the Humboldt County Public Library branches, as well as through Humboldt State University, and College of the Redwoods. Community members are also encouraged to read, listen, or view supplemental materials on the “Learn More” page of the program website:

We wish to thank the community partners who are participating in this program. A growing list of community partners is available on the Big Read program website: If you or your organization would like to participate, please contact Kumi Watanabe-Schock, Coordinator of the 2020 Big Read: Humboldt County: or (707) 826-5656.

Yes, Reference Help is Available!
photo of kiosk and outside of library

Research help is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Do you have a question? Need help finding a book, journal article, or searching a database?

Ask a Librarian!  Email or call (707) 826-3418 for main desk, (707) 826-3419 for Special Collections. Leave a message that is forwarded to librarians. Replies are usually given within 24 hours, except holidays and weekends.

And watch for the new chat system coming Fall 2020.



Borrowing Extended!
Borrowed Library Items Due August 31st

Need more time to return the books you borrowed? We’ve extended due dates until August 31st. Check your library account (linked in your student portal) to see what you’ve borrowed. You can still make contactless returns in the book drops at the Library.

Library's Spring Newsletter is Available
HSU Library Check Out the Library Spring 2020 Newsletter

Please see the latest Library Newsletter for Spring 2020.  In it, we share:

  • Some of the many ways we helped students, faculty, and staff finish the semester
  • How you can help document the experience of quarantine in Humboldt County and contribute to the Library's Archive Project
  • How you can continue to learn through online SkillShops
  • A celebration of ideaFest 2020
  • How to stay connected to the Library through social media
  • Projects that are giving back to the community
  • And coming soon - L4HSU, our expanded summer program!
Add to the Student Tourism & Travel Guide Project
photo of whiteboard with post-it comments asking for student feedback

We invite you to help us with this Student Tourism &Travel Guide project!

Celebrating tourism and travel during the current crisis is challenging because it’s critical to stay at home, but celebrating tourism from home can be very worthwhile. Our project goal is to make it easy for HSU students and visitors to find information about our area. This goal has become increasingly important to help the future economic recovery for our area. An article written by Shomik Mikherjee entitled “Millions of dollars lost: Humboldt County tourism industry waiting out COVID-19" in the Times-Standard on April 12, 2020, shares that Humboldt County lost over $29 million in business revenue, lost 1,693 jobs, and 11 local businesses due to the pandemic (as of published date). HSU Library Scholar Interns tourism and travel research can help our economic recovery and you can, too.

Interested in helping?  Add your reviews of places you know and love to celebrate Tourism & Travel Week. Here are some tips for sharing information that helps us all discover and grow to love Humboldt County:

  • Use your social media to share information about your favorite sights with the tag #TourismHumCo this helps us gather information for our guide. Add #spiritoftravel #nttw20 to participate in the national celebration.
  • Consider adding information or your reviews for some of the favorites shared by students by taking the Tourism & Travel HumCo Challenge. Go to Student Tourism & Travel Guide for more information about the project and how you can help by adding reviews, photos, and tags.

If you want to know more about or support Library Scholar Internships, please visit the Library Scholar Internships page.

Thank you!

ideaFest 2020!

We are all excited for the opportunity to support the dissemination of research & creative works at Humboldt State University through a virtual symposium this year! We have many activities planned this week for students, staff, and faculty to participate in the celebration. Welcome to ideaFest 2020!

Full Schedule of Events for ideaFest Week:

  • Monday May 4, 2020
    • Digital Gallery Viewing open all week long! To see this year’s poster presentations Click Here!
  • Tuesday, May 5, 2020
    • 12:00 - 1:00pm: Brain Booth Meditation Hour with Therése Scott. Join us for a session of Somatic meditation!
      Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 919 8144 9011
      Katia G. Karadjova, Brain Booth Librarian
    • 12:00 - 1:00pm: A Celebration of Art, Education, and Partnerships with Local Schools.
      Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 91099240325
      James Woglom, Art 498S, Spring 2020
    • 1:00 - 2:00pm: Live Featured Student Presentations
      Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 98749152039
      • Cameron Miller: A Geospatial Inventory of the Jacoby Creek Forest & Potential for Restoration Thinning
      • Chant’e Catt: Humboldt Tenant Landlord Collaboration Assessment
      • Henry Solares, Travis Cunha, Casey McCullough, Leonard Henderson, Mary Virnoche: Major-Based Peer Mentoring: A Process Evaluation of a 14 Department Program Scale Up
      • Mishell Lopez Kirk: The Effectiveness of A Matter of Balance on Rural Community Dwelling Veterans and Non Veterans
      • Valetta Molofsky: Cultural Starvation: Out of the Ashes We Rise
      • Courtney Perry: Effects of a Dual-Task Paradigm on Tandem Gait Performance After Concussion
      • Sondra Schwetman – HSU Sculpture Walk 2020
  • Friday, May 8, 2020
    • Friday Morning: HSU Artifact Project (Jolien Olsen's English 103 Class)
      Check back for updates
      Presentations by Jolien Olsen and Kimberly Stelter
    • 1:00-1:50pm: HSU Applied Ecological Restoration Research Symposium
      Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 925 6096 5458
      Alison O’Dowd, ESM 455, Spring 2020
    • 2:00-3:00pm: Legacy Project Presentations
      Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 301463614
      Beth Wilson, ECON 490, Spring 2020
    • 4:00- 5:00pm: Live Featured Student Presentations
      Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 98749152039
      • Samuel Lipiec, leanna Spoelstra, Dr. Alison Holmes: Building Support for Study Abroad at HSU
      • Sarah Holden: A Symbol of Hope: An Ethnographic Analysis of Religion and Disaster following the Camp Fire
      • Carrie Aigner, Nina Egbert, Brianna Roque, Heather Reynolds, Corinne Tighe, Kimberly Vazquez: Examining Stigma as a Predictor of Formal vs Informal Help-Seeking Among College Students
      • Holli Pruhsmeier: Avian Occurrence Data Extraction Using Python Programming
      • Adam Grimmitt: The Effect of Turn Angle and Turn Frequency on the Energetic Cost of Running
      • Cade Freels, Carla P. Quintero, Samantha A. Anger, Joshua Maldonado, Will Gannett, Ruth Saunders: Scaling Resistance with Channel Length for Carbon Nanotube Networks

This year’s virtual ideaFest is sponsored by the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, Marketing & Communications, HSU”s Center for Community Based Learning, and the HSU Library in collaboration with the Colleges.

Charging the Final Stretch
Charging the Final Stretch

The Learning Center pairs up with CAPS to help you get through the last stretch of assignments and finals!

Charging the Final Stretch Online Workshop
Tuesday, May 5, 4-5 pm

Studying and finishing classes virtually isn't easy, but you don't have to do it alone. Join the Learning Center and CAPS for an online, interactive workshop to help you finish strong.

  • Learn motivational strategies
  • Set end-of-semester goals
  • Create a schedule to get to the end
Making Animated Gifs Online Workshop
making animated gifs online workshop flyer

Join us Friday, May 1st from 1-1:50pm for this online live workshop that will teach you how to turn images into animated gifs using Giphy. No previous experience necessary. All are welcome!

Register at

Docuseek Earth Day 2020 Film Festival - Free Streaming
Happy Earth Day

Docuseek is offering 12 amazing documentaries on sustainability & environmental justice through Friday, May 1. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and enjoy this free streaming offer that includes new films as well as popular classics. But it's only for one week. Enjoy NOW!

Having problems accessing Google Scholar?
Google scholar logo

First Year Experience and Student Success Librarian Kimberly Stelter has created this short and easy-to-follow video that will help you get free access to full-text articles through Google Scholar.

And please use if you need any help!

Welcome to ideaFest 2.0!
logo for ideaFest

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the 7th Annual ideaFest Symposium will now be hosted online in a variety of digital platforms. Students, staff, and faculty can still participate in the spirit of ideaFest by disseminating & sharing their research & creative activities in the following ways:

  • We are extending the online registration for ideaFest 2.0 to May 1, 2020. Participants can continue to submit their project abstracts online at Presenters will have their abstracts published here.
  • Registered participants will be encouraged to publish their projects/posters online at Humboldt Digital Commons. Then, during the week of May 4-8th, Humboldt State University will be highlighting examples of the research & creative works submitted to Humboldt Digital Commons.
  • Anyone from the HSU community can also submit their academic essays or research articles for the next issue of ideaFest Journal, HSU’s own peer-reviewed academic journal. The deadline to submit your publication proposals is December 23, 2020. For more information about ideaFest Journal contact Kyle Morgan at

This year’s ideaFest 2.0 is sponsored by the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, Marketing & Communications, and the HSU Library in collaboration with the Colleges. We are all excited for the opportunity to support the development and dissemination of research & creative activities at Humboldt State University.

Next year, we look forward to hosting the 8th Annual ideaFest in-person to once again connect our campus community to the scholarly research, creative arts, and performances here at Humboldt State University.

For information about project submissions, contact Sally Hang at

Making Animated Gifs Online
Online workshop description

This online live workshop, Tuesday, April 14th @ 3pm will teach you how to turn images into animated gifs using Giphy. No previous experience necessary. All are welcome! Register for the session at:

We are Online!

Dear Campus Community,

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, the HSU Library, including the Library Cafe, will close on Friday, March 27 at noon until further notice. We remain committed to supporting your learning and growth and will continue to offer several remote resources and services, listed below:

You can also find a full list of resources and services the Library offers.

  • Computer Resources
    • Students who have technology needs should submit a help ticket to ITS here.
    • Laptops: The library has a limited number of Chromebook computers available for students long term checkout. To have a laptop shipped to you while they last, please email and include your name, student ID#, and mailing address.

Please call the ITS Help Desk (707) 826-4357 or for technical support.

  • Remote Instruction, Learning & Working
    • Keep Teaching: Center for Teaching & Learning support to faculty for alternative modes of instruction.
    • Keep Learning: Center for Teaching & Learning resource on how students can prepare for remote learning.

Also please note overdue fines have been suspended until June 1. The date is subject to change if needed.

Thank you for your understanding. Please email the Library at or call (707) 826-3431 and leave a message if you need assistance. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Cyril Oberlander
HSU Library Dean

Virtual Brain Booth Drop-in Hours!
graphic with photos and text - Intentional Brain Breaks, Emotional Self-Regulation, Singular, thoughtful focus, Library Brain Booth etc.

At the Brain Booth, our purpose is to help students manage stress, optimize learning, and promote overall wellness. In this time of major changes, we are working on finding new ways to support our campus community through Virtual Brain Booth Hours.

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12 pm the Brain Booth Student Assistants will be going live on Instagram to share ways of how you can manage stress at home. Join us to start a conversation on how to cope with this crisis and be our best selves overall.

The Brain Booth Student Assistants will be available on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am-3 pm to answer questions and speak individually for “virtual drop-in hours.”  Email us at or dm us at @hsubrainbooth on Instagram to start a conversation with an assistant.  We are here to help!

Stay safe,
Katia & the Brain Booth Student Assistants

Cal Poly Humboldt Library Launched Citing Insights Software on Pi Day
student interns who worked on Citing Insights Software

On Pi Day, March 14, 2020, the University Library announced the release of Citing Insights, open source software designed to streamline the assessment of student papers. Five Cal Poly Humboldt undergraduate students working at University Library have successfully developed this powerful and unique software for information literacy and other assessments.

Cyril Oberlander, Library Dean shared, “Thanks to one-time funding from the California State University Graduation Initiative 2025 and the support of the campus, we employed amazing students to build Citing Insights. This software provides much needed automation to support assessment of information literacy and other competencies, including the evaluation of sources of citations used in student papers featuring standard or customized rubrics.”

What can Citing Insights do? It streamlines assessment of student papers. Just upload one or a set of papers, and Citing Insights automatically detects the citations in the paper, enabling one click access to the sources of citations via Semantic Scholar, Google Scholar, or a library’s discovery system. You can also evaluate the paper and citations using the built in Information Literacy or Critical Thinking Value rubrics from the AAC&U, or create and edit your own rubrics, and even add annotations. Lastly, you can output the results for assessment, or provide feedback to students.

Cal Poly Humboldt faculty, librarians, and staff contributed feedback during several software sprints and alpha testing of this innovative prototype during fall semester. Thanks to everyone’s feedback, the Citing Insights Team; Cindy Batres, Elizabeth Lujan, Ben Miller, Kyle Smith, and Mitchell Waters, are sharing Citing Insights with the world on this Pi day, with a planned full version release this May. You can find and download Citing Insights Beta at:

The Library internships and project-based student employment opportunities are designed to empower effective learning to solve challenges faced by higher education and the community at large. One of the key questions for Citing Insights is how can we make assessment easier. The first phase of development for Citing Insights answers that question by reducing the workload of assessment. Once the full version is released, the next version of Citing Insights will support students research and writing; answering our second key question: how can we assist student research and writing anytime and anywhere? Building this tool will be as ambitious as the supporting assessment with automation software.

Ben Miller … “This experience at the library improved our ability to work in teams, develop a product to meet client needs, and expanded our knowledge – we had to acquire new programming languages, learn project management and agile development skills… working at the library was an invaluable experience.”

The Citing Insights team and Cyril Oberlander, Dean of the Library, will co-present Citing Insights and student software development projects, at the American Library Association Annual Conference (LITA program) in Chicago June 2020, showcasing the importance of engaging students in solving grand challenges. Cyril adds “I am excited to see the additional features planned for the Version 1 release, advancing assessment features for groups and adding inter-rater reliability norming and analytics will significantly make assessment easier and more powerful. Libraries are innovative engines in higher education, as we engage students in project-based learning, we provide practical and powerful strategies to rapidly prototype, test, effectively iterate, and thereby shape the future of higher education.”

For more information, please contact Cyril Oberlander, Library Dean at:

CANCELLED - California Tsunami Week: Kamome & Sister City Project
cover of book The Extraordinary Voyage of Kamome

This event has been postponed and may possibly be presented during L4HSU this summer.

The Extraordinary Voyage of Kamome: A Tsunami Boat Comes Home by Lori Dengler and Amya Miller is the first publication from the Humboldt State University Press. HSU emeritus Professor Lori Dengler will present this special event to highlight California Tsunami Week. Discover the sequence of extraordinary events that began with a great earthquake, followed by a tsunami and the voyage of a small boat called Kamome. This presentation will walk you through what happened and how Kamome became a miracle boat, bringing out the best in people and showing that acts of kindness really do matter. Amy Uyeki, illustrator of this wonderful book will share her animated film for the first time at HSU.

CANCELLED - Food Documentaries & Oh SNAP!
logo and graphic for Food for Thought

This event will be rescheduled for Fall Semester

HSU Library, Oh SNAP!, and two filmmakers, Jessica Eden and Jennifer Bell, invite you to join this fun evening of films and food.

GOING WITH THE GRAIN describes the resurgence of locally grown grains in Humboldt County including wheat and quinoa. Learn from several entrepreneurs how they have incorporated local grains into their products.

COASTAL FOODS: SOWING THE SEEDS OF SUSTAINABILITY explores Humboldt's coastal local food movement including Community Supported Agriculture farms (CSAs), Native community health, and how important young people are to the future of local foods.

Come meet the filmmakers, learn about Oh SNAP!, and eat delicious local food! This is a FREE event.

"Food for Thought" is a DreamMaker project of the Ink People Center for the Arts. These films recognize the outstanding work of local food enthusiasts. Come celebrate our community and food connections!