Humboldt Real-World Projects

Citing Insights

student interns who worked on Citing Insights SoftwareStudents benefit tremendously from experiences with real-world projects that provide opportunities to apply learning to positive changes in the world. Libraries and higher education are not lacking real-world challenges; perhaps one of the most persistent ones has been systematic assessment of learning, and one of the consistent reasons has been the added workload for doing assessment. What a perfect prospect to convert this challenge into an opportunity, and have students build a tool to help evaluate student works.

Citing Insights was developed by students working at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library, thanks to funding from CSU Graduation Initiative 2025. The project began in the spring of 2019, Cindy Batres, Elizabeth Lujan, Verja Miller, Kyle Smith, and Mitchell Walters, the Citing Insights Team, working with Cyril Oberlander, Library Dean, developed this open source software to automate some of the assessment work with student papers. This powerful tool is designed to streamline assessment of students' information literacy and other skills.

Citing Insights Open Source Software by Cindy Batres, Elizabeth Lujan, Verja Miller, Kyle Smith, and Mitchell Walters (2019-2020) - software designed to streamline the assessment of student papers.

Space Use

Cal Poly Humboldt Library’s annual assessment looks at how learners are using library spaces. Sample mapping is used to calculate use ratios that help us determine if spaces are well-utilized and pinpoint spaces that are not. The annual assessment ensures we have enough variety and spaces for everyone. Any space that has 10% or less use is changed to fit high use patterns; any spaces with high-use or close to peak use will be expanded. In 2018, the Library hired computer science students from Humboldt to develop a website to collect and report the seating use data. The opportunity to foster applied learning and this type of project-based learning is crucial to supporting student success, plus it is wonderful to watch the students writing code and learning so much about the library. Read more in Finding Your Space at the Library & SpaceUse.

SpaceUse Seating Use Analysis Open Source Software by Sam Alston, Verja Miller, Eric Mott (2018) - software developed by computer science students to help automate data gathering and analysis.

Lumberjack Newspaper Digitization

Lumberjack Newspaper Digitation Project by Danielle Kirkland-Shawtraw, Veronica Koomson-Maiden, Reanne Meighan, Adam Mellot (Spring 2019) - digitization of the University's student newspaper from its inception in 1929.

Discovering Humboldt

To increase tourism development in our rural area, and to enhance student experience, we propose to develop a diverse range of information and perspectives about the area. By “Discovering Humboldt,” the variety of details, images, and information make it easier to find the places we enjoy, attracting tourists and students who are interested in enjoying sightseeing attractions and activities. By collectively answering what is there to do in Humboldt County, we enrich everyone’s life. Discovering Humboldt will be an iterative project that each semester adjusts to the realities of the community, and learning various platforms.


Tourism & Travel by Linda Garcia, Debora Rios (Spring 2019)

Middle East & Arab World Research Guide by Reeham Ramadan Mohammed (Spring 2013) - International student from Egypt

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