Library Newsletter

                                                                                1997/98  Vol.1
The HSU Library will host its annual book sale this year on Wednesday,
October 29, from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, in the Library's Nordstrom Lobby. 
Books offered for sale are those discarded from the Library's collection and
gift materials not chosen for the collection.  Over 6,000 books on a variety of
topics will be for sale, including large groups of history, sociology, economics,
physical and life science, curriculum, reference, and soil science materials. 
Maps and popular literature will also be for sale.  Contact Mary Kay (x3414,
mhk1@axe) with any questions.

The Library has scheduled a series of seminars during the remainder of the
semester to introduce new services and highlight continuing services of major
utility for faculty and graduate students.  The following seminars will be held
in Siemens Hall 119 on Thursdays from noon to 1 p.m.  For further
information contact Robert Sathrum at ext. 5600.  They are open to faculty and
graduate students only.

Oct. 9  ONCORES Online Course Reserve System
        Learn how the Library will digitize and provide students with 24-hour
        access to course reserve materials through the web.

Oct. 16 UnCover This database provides access to the table of contents of over 17,000 periodicals and selected books. Learn how to search this service in its new web configuration, how to set up a "Reveal" automatic current awareness alerting service, and participate in the library-subsidized 24- hour document delivery service.

Oct. 23 IMAGO Through this new service faculty can have images digitized, cataloged, and served through the Library's web-based catalog. It is designed for faculty who are looking for ways to enhance their instruction and research and for preservation of images of long term value.

Oct. 30 Internet Search Engine Showdown Find out which are the best search engines and how to effectively use them to search for Internet resources.

Nov. 6 Federal Information on the Internet Federal agencies are under a mandate to make their materials available in electronic format to the public. Find out the latest government resources which are available through the Internet.

Nov. 13 Lexis/Nexis News and Current Events Nov. 20 Lexis/Nexis Business Resources Dec. 4 Lexis/Nexis Legal Resources This major database currently provides access to over one billion documents from 11,000 different files. Learn how to effectively search for desired information in this database using its powerful search tools. ASK US!! Email Reference Questions that you would normally ask at the Library's information/reference desks can now be submitted electronically through the Library's web server. Requesters normally may expect a response by 5:00 pm the next weekday. Examples of questions that can be asked include: Where would you begin to look for information on a topic? Specific "ready reference" questions, i.e., quick factual information Verification of references Assistance with the Library's catalog and other electronic services Questions about Library services and facilities The service is available to HSU faculty, staff and students. Links to ASK US!! are found under "Services" and "General Reference" on the Library homepage. IMAGO - Cataloging Service for Online Images "A picture is worth ten thousand words" is a statement often attributed to Confucius. Considering the rapid expansion in the use of electronic images in support of education, many in academia have apparently taken these sage words to heart. Sensing this trend, and seeking to meld traditional library expertise with the latest innovations in information technology, the Library has introduced IMAGO (from the Latin word for picture). Through IMAGO, Library staff digitize, catalog, and serve images in Catalyst (the Library online catalog) as requested by University faculty. The Library will either convert analog resources, for example, photographs, 35mm slides, etc., into digital image format, or work with images that are already in digital form, depending upon faculty needs. IMAGO offers a number of intriguing features that should entice faculty who incorporate visual aids into their course offerings to seriously consider using the service. By relying upon Catalyst, IMAGO facilitates a powerful combination of electronic access and delivery for online images. The familiar Catalyst search engine provides the means to locate image records through a variety of access points. In addition, image records in the World Wide Web version of Catalyst ( contain an embedded electronic hyperlink that can be used to directly display the actual image(s). If you would like to learn more about how to put IMAGO to work for you, a good place to start is the IMAGO web page at (or follow the links under "Library/Services" on the Library homepage). You can also contact your assigned Library bibliographer, send an e-mail message to, or call Wayne Perryman at 826-5598. ONCORES - Online Course Reserve System Now Available Do you use reserve materials to supplement core readings in your courseware? Would you like for your students to have access to reserve readings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of location? Do you wish to ensure that copyright-protected reserve materials are offered in compliance with fair use standards? If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then you should take a serious look at ONCORES, a locally developed, password- protected online course reserve system. The Library began offering this service to faculty and students campuswide this semester, following the successful conclusion of a pilot project. So far this semester, the Library has made over 30 reserve items available through ONCORES, serving ten faculty members and a potential student audience in the hundreds. Demand has been growing steadily as faculty members have learned how convenient the system is to access and use. Through ONCORES the Library uses the World Wide Web to serve many of the materials which would previously have been handed out in class or necessitated a trip to the Library. These materials include, but are not limited to, book chapters, journal articles, course syllabi, lecture notes, solution sets, and so forth. The Library is presently offering ONCORES readings in either hypertext mark-up language (HTML) format or Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF), depending upon faculty and student needs, and the nature of the resource being served. Perhaps best of all, faculty have the option of requesting that materials in the Library collection be placed on ONCORES from the convenience of their home or office, using an online form designed specifically for that purpose. You can find more information about ONCORES at (or follow the links under "Full Text/Electronic Reserves" on the Library homepage). You can also contact the ONCORES staff by phone at 826-4401 or by e-mail at Better yet, stop by the Library Reserves Office in L110 and discuss your needs in person with June Camozzi, ONCORES supervisor. UNCOVER ON THE WEB The UnCover Service, which provides faxed articles and a current awareness alerting service to grad students and faculty, is now available on the World Wide Web as well as via telnet. Working from your home or office you can find this link on the HSU Library homepage ( by accessing the list of all databases and selecting UnCover via web access. Or, you can access the CSU UnCover Gateway at if you are connecting from a campus machine. The new interface is much easier to use for those with web-capable workstations. Those who have not yet signed up for an UnCover account can stop by the Information Services Office in Library 112 to fill out a form. A training session to assist faculty in using the service will be held in SH119 on October 16, 12-1 PM. Contact Mary Kay (x3414 or mhk1@axe) for further information on this service.

Last updated: October 16, 1997