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Library Booksale Scheduled
Library Celebrates 40 Years as a Depository Library
New Library Information Portal Launched--XtremeSearch
Interlibrary Loan to Start Electronic Delivery
Wireless Access in the HSU Library
Art in the Library
Budget Cuts to Library Materials--2003-2004

Fun Reading


Make plans now to participate in our annual Booksale, which will be held in the Library's Nordstrom Lobby from 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 29. During the sale, several thousand used books, maps, CDs, videos, phonograph records, and other items, in virtually all subject areas will be available at bargain prices.All proceeds from the Booksale directly benefit the Library.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Library is always willing to accept your donations of books, journals, etc., which, depending upon our needs, we will either add to the collection or offer for sale. Think of us as you are cleaning up around the home or office, and need to dispose of those unwanted items that might find new life in the Library.

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This year our Library celebrated serving the community as a federal depository library for 40 years. To commemorate this event, Congressman Thompson visited the Library and presented us with a certificate of appreciation which will be hung up on the third floor in the Government Documents section. The depository library program was created by an act of Congress in 1813 and that is when the federal government began to disseminate government information to citizens. The U.S. government is the largest publisher in the world. Libraries designated as depositories provide local, no-fee access to information from the government in impartial environments. The Humboldt State University Library in its role as a depository has been serving the first congressional district since 1963 and now boasts about half a million volumes of government publications on various subjects. We currently receive 55% of the materials the Government Printing Office makes available through the depository program. Over the years, we have chosen to acquire materials of interest not only to our faculty in support of our curriculum, but also materials of interest to the general community.

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The XtremeSearch information portal allows you to select and simultaneously search multiple resources (indexes, encyclopedias, research guides, library catalogs, etc.) using one common search interface. The goal of XtremeSearch is to simply the finding of information by using just one link on the Library's home page.

With XtremeSearch you can:
" Use Quick Search to search five basic resources at the same time.
" Use Advanced Search to select and simultaneously search up to eight resources you choose.
" Connect to and search each resource using its own full-featured search screen.
" Merge duplicate records from multiple resources.
" Link directly to the online full text of each record if available.
" Create a custom Personal Resource List
" Establish custom Alerts that will automatically run on our topic.
" Store and manage selected records in your own personal E-Shelf.

During Fall 2003, XtremeSearch is in beta development. As a result:
" Some subject categories have little or no resources listed--more are being added.
" Some resources have no checkbox for simultaneous searching--additional resources are being configured for this capability.
" Some resources yield overly large results when searched--existing search configurations are being modified.

Your Questions and Comments are welcome as XtremeSearch is developed.

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Starting Fall semester 2003, the Interlibrary Loan office will be sending articles we receive electronically as pdf attachments to all faculty and staff. We are also working on a web delivery method of posting ILL articles, but there are still some bugs in the system to be worked out. Until that is fixed, articles will be sent as attachments to patron's emails.

In October, we will start sending articles to all patrons electronically who use their axe account. We will not be able to send pdfs to patrons who use other ISPs, such as yahoo, hotmail, or humboldt1 because of document size limitations set by those ISPs. This includes any faculty and staff who use an email account other than their Humboldt account.

Please spread the word that in order to receive articles electronically, you must use your Humboldt axe account, and we'll be happy to supply the articles as soon as they are processed.

Articles that are received in the ILL office through the mail (hard copy) will continue to be processed as they are now, i.e.: sent via campus mail to faculty and staff mailboxes and held in the library for most other patrons (psychology and biology grads' articles are also mailed to their campus mailbox). Currently, ILL receives about 80% of articles requested in electronic format.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Interlibrary Loan office at x4889.

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HSU students, faculty and staff can now connect to the Internet using their own portable computers if they have wireless Ethernet cards. The Library and Telecommunications and Networking Services have installed four new wireless access points, serving the Library's "Food Friendly Area" and Room 114 on the first floor and the "Fishbowl" and Room 208 on the second floor. When connecting, you will need to sign in with your HSU electronic mail user name and the password for that account.

More details and help with configuration are available from the ITS Computer Help Desk in Room 120B of the Library. Maps of the Library's wireless access areas are located at http://library.humboldt.edu/wireless.html. Individual results may vary. The network connections will be stronger the closer you are to the access points.

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Humboldt State University owns a large collection of art, and the Library offers a wonderful venue for display. This year the Library has unveiled a web-based tour entitled, "art inside the HSU library", http://library.humboldt.edu/art

This web tour takes you through the Library, revealing images of the art on display and provides you with their location by using the "Art Map Locator." You will also find other information, such as the artist biography and other works of art created by the artist if available. Information leading to books either written or illustrated by the artist may also be found.

"art inside the HSU library" will be in a mode of constant change, as the collection will rotate from time to time, and bring in new and exciting works of art. One example is the annual "Sculpture Walk" presented by the Association of Student Sculptors. This is a campus wide event; the Library is only one venue participating in the event.

In furthering its educational mission, HSU Library maintains a program of exhibits and displays of general educational or cultural interest to the university community. These cases are available by way of reservation.

For more information, please refer to the "art inside the HSU library" tour web page.


Please be sure to check this web site out from time to time or even better, come in and view the art up close and personal!

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As you know from previous announcements, the Library cut the materials budget in order to meet its share of the campus-wide budget reduction. This process has been completed and we have cancelled 472 periodical titles (29% of the print subscriptions) and 121 reference titles for a total of 593 titles. The criteria used to cancel were electronic duplication and/or low use over the last few years.

One slight positive note in the cancellations is that 41% are available in electronic format. The downside, however, is that only one third are stable versions from publishers. The others come from aggregator services where they have no control over what the publisher makes available to them. JSTOR, one of the reliable providers, has a 5-year embargo, which means that the most recent 5 years are not available online. In addition to canceling these titles, we will also be reducing the amount spent to purchase books, videos, CDs by $64,000. As we begin to plan for next year's budget, further reduction strategies will have to be created since it is anticipated that there will be further budget reductions next year.

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Thanks to many of you, we now have a small collection of paperback books for lighter reading. Please continue to keep us in mind when you've finished with that book and no longer want it. All types of books are being sought: genre fiction, serious fiction, best sellers, poetry, plays, essays, non-fiction of all kinds. If your paperback book is in good condition and you would like to donate it, please bring them to Library Room 206 or contact Martha Johansen, Ext. 4930, msj@lib-mail.humboldt.edu. Then, when you want a little light reading, please come by and see what "fun reading" has to offer; these books are located in the Food Friendly Area (southeast area on the first floor next to Room 121).

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