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Humboldt State University Library Newsletters

Fall 2018

  • Explore, Create, & Innovate with SkillShops
  • Brain Booth - Learning Mindfulness
  • Publish Your Work in ideaFest Journal
  • Textbooks on Reserve
  • 2018 L4HSU at a Glance
  • Archive Interns Present Program to Yosemite Crowd
  • Finding Your Space at HSU Library & SpaceUse
  • HSU Sustainable Learning Saved Students Over One Million Dollars
  • Fall Events & Save the Date
  • Seismic Edition Insert: Library Continually Improves & Where Did It Go?

Spring 2018 - Seismic Edition

  • Library Continually Improves
  • Summer Is For Learning
  • We Love The Library
  • Library End of Year Fundraiser
  • Where Did It Go?

Spring 2018

  • Grand Opening of Special Collections
  • Celebrating Community
  • Meet Our Donors: Joan Berman & Glen Atkinson
  • Supporting the HSU Library
  • Dean's Statement
  • Library Impact Stories: Designing with Data
  • April Events
  • HSU Student Snapshots
  • Students are Talking: Lumberhacks

Fall 2017

  • Meet Kimberly Stelter First Year Experience Librarian
  • OneSearch
  • Access Services: Books are Just the Beginning
  • Students are Talking
  • What can I find in the Library?
  • SkillShops
  • Upcoming Events
  • Find Your Study Space

Spring 2017

  • Updates from the Academic Technology Team
  • Students are Talking! #HSULibrary
  • Textbooks on Reserve
  • HSU Authors Celebration
  • By the Numbers - Fall 2016
  • SkillShops Attendance
  • ideaFest
  • ideaFest Journal
  • News from HSU Press
  • A New Future for Humboldt's Past
  • 360 Degrees of Innovation

Fall 2016

  • New Publications from the HSU Press
  • Humboldt Scholars Lab for HSU Research Opens
  • Digital Media Lab Opening
  • New & Improved Math Tutoring Lab
  • Now Available for Checkout! (DML Equipment)
  • Write on the First Floor
  • Students are Talking! Parts of our Speech
  • Unpacking & Exploring White Privilege
  • Relax & Gain Focus at the Brain Booth
  • L4HSU Creates Campus Connections
  • Upcoming Events - Everyone Welcome!

Summer 2016

  • IdeaFest 2016
  • Spring in the Library
  • 2016-2017 HSU Book of the Year
  • Seismic Retrofit Project Update
  • Delivering HSU History to the Silicon Valley
  • L4HSU - Library Lifelong Learning Lounge
  • Student Testimonial
  • A Look Into Toyon and English 460
  • Tokyo National Museum Symposium

Spring 2016

  • HSU Library Seismic Retrofit Project Update
  • We're Becoming So Popular!
  • Borrow Longer
  • Technology at the Checkout Desk
  • News from the Lower Library: Learning Center Showcases Alumni
  • Advice for Current Students
  • Students are Talking! Library SkillShops
  • Astronomy: A Cultural Gaze from Latin America at the HSU Library
  • Quick Glance: Find What You Need in the Library
  • Upcoming Events
  • Using the Library Archives as Inspiration

Fall 2015

  • Welcome
  • Play in the Library
  • Library Vision
  • Make Our Website Work for You!
  • How Our Services can Help You
  • Students are Talking
  • Who Uses Display Cases?
  • Library Interns Curate Online Exhibits
  • Art Inside the Library
  • Book of the Year
  • Upcoming Events

Spring 2007

  • HSU Learning Commons
  • Humboldt College in China
  • More Digital Content from the Humboldt Room
  • "How the Ink Feels"
  • Logon at Library Public Computers
  • Web Redesign Feedback Needed
  • Visit our New Suggestion Blog
  • New Library Databases

Fall 2006

  • LibQual Results
  • Library Booksale Scheduled for October 25
  • Expression Sessions
  • New Databases
  • Library Web Page Navigation Improved
  • Classical Music from the Library
  • Basement Flood
  • Library Budget

Spring 2006

  • Library User Satisfaction Survey
  • ebrary Update
  • HSU Library Just Got Smarter... Now Offers Help with Spelling
  • Electronic Theses in Humboldt eScholar
  • Searching the Shuster Aerial Photograph Collection
  • Journal Articles Received on Interlibrary Loan go Totally Digital
  • Other Database News
  • How Do You Like the Library's Web Site?

Fall 2005

  • Make Plans Now to Attend the Library Booksale
  • Digital Literacy Closet Update
  • Humboldt eScholar Update
  • Library Budget
  • Staffing Changes
  • Constitution Day
  • Gifts
  • HSU Library Web Page Refreshed
  • Interlibrary Loan System Enhanced
  • Database Changes
  • eBrary
  • Shuster Aerial Photograph Collection
  • President of the American Library Association Visits HSU

Fall 2004

  • "Shop Early - Shop Often" at the Library Booksale
  • Status of Library Budget 2004/2005
  • Anonymous Matching Gift
  • Fujitsu Gift
  • The Digital Literacy Closet Presents The Online Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century
  • ONCORES Program Enhancements
  • Humboldt Room Photograph Collections
  • "Electing" to Keep Informed
  • Collection Refinement Projects
  • New Public PCs for the Library
  • New Databases
  • New Citations Linker Service
  • Northwestern California Newspapers Website

Spring 2004

  • Library Facts at a Glance
  • Library Receives $10,000 Anonymous Gift
  • Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century Digitization Project
  • Is there an Internet Cafe in the Library's Future?
  • Breakfast Bar in the Food Friendly Area
  • Comm 280: Introductoin to Information Research Skills Now Offered as a Weekend Intensive Course
  • From Request to Delivery - Interlibrary Loan Enhancements Across the Board
  • Emergency Preparedness in the Library
  • The Library and the New Campus Master Plan
  • Library Virtual Tour
  • The Arrival of the Electronic Humboldt State University Library
  • Wireless Access to the Internet in the Library
  • Northwestern California Newspaper Project

Fall 2003

  • Library Booksale Scheduled
  • Library Celebrates 40 Years as a Depository Library
  • New Library Information Portal Launched - XtremeSearch
  • Interlibrary Loan to Start Electronic Delivery
  • Wireless Access in the HSU Library
  • Art in the Library
  • Budget Cuts to Library Materials 2003-2004
  • Fun Reading

Fall 2002

  • SFX: A New Service of the HSU Library
  • New Databases
  • New Food and Drink Policy
  • Media Resources Area Created on Second Floor
  • ONCORES Collaborates with Blackboard Staff
  • Library Receives Generous Gift of Opera Materials
  • Pharos Resource Sharing System is Now in Full Production

Spring 2002

  • User Satisfaction Survey Coming to You This Spring
  • Major Special Collections Projects Underway with Processing and Online Exhibits
  • Information Competence
  • Pharos
  • Mapping Software in the Library
  • New Databases
  • Print Research Guides and Library Handouts on Demand at Two New Stations in the Library
  • Arrivals Program is a New Feature of the Library's Catalog

Fall 2001

  • Martin Wong Painting in the Library
  • Arrivals Program is a New Feature of the Library's Catalog
  • Pharos: A New Service of the Combined CSU Libraries
  • Ericson Photograph Exhibit
  • New Databases
  • Library Joins New Cascade Pacific Library Network
  • Campus Week of Dialogue on Race

Spring 2001

  • Serials Management System Heads Up
  • User Satisfaction Focus Groups
  • CSU Electronic Book Project
  • There is a New
  • New Catalog Software for Catalyst
  • The Library's Public Workstations are Getting a New Look
  • Resource Sharing Systems to Arrive in Force This Spring
  • Library Joins New Cascade Pacific Library Network

Fall 2000

  • Library Schedules Fall Booksale
  • Speech 280 Introduction to Information Research Skills
  • Periodicals List
  • New Databases
  • Uncover for Senior Seminars
  • Pharos
  • Humboldt Room Activities
  • Robert A. Paselk Scientific Instrument Museum

Spring 2000

  • Voyager Implementation Update
  • Electronic Resources
  • Spring Cleaning?
  • Uncover for Undergraduate Seminar and Thesis Students
  • Spring Refreshers: Library Workshops for Faculty
  • Periodicals Finding List

Fall 1999

  • Annual Library Booksale
  • Art Work in the Library
  • Fall Program 1999
  • High-Quality Printing to be Available in the Library
  • Voyager and the New Catalyst are Here!
  • Pharos Project Update
  • CSU Libraries Strategic Plan Update
  • Storylines America
  • New Networked Databases
  • Humboldt Room Activities
  • DLC Provides Media Assistance to Classes and Individuals
  • Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century

Spring 1999

  • New Library Online Catalog
  • Information Competency Lab Opens
  • Information Competence in the Professions
  • Friends Program to Highlight Local Wildflower Wonderland
  • Humboldt Room Exhibits
  • One-Time Enrichment Funds
  • Library Installs New Information Stations
  • New Networked Databases
  • Library Launches Experimental Digital Literacy Service
  • Update on Library as Construction Zone

Fall 1998

  • Coming Soon - Opening of Information Competency Lab
  • Library Booksale
  • Library as Construction Zone
  • U.S. Government Documents are Now in Catalyst
  • Circulation Services Home Page Updated
  • The Study Lab Update
  • Highlights/Additions to the Library's Web Page
  • New and Enhanced Databases

Fall 1997

  • Library Book Sale
  • Library Faculty Seminar Series
  • ASK US!! Email Reference
  • IMAGO - Cataloging Service for Online Images
  • ONCORES - Online Course Reserve System Now Available
  • UnCover on the Web

Spring 1997

  • Internet a la Carte
  • Drop-In Tutorials
  • Point of Origin Cablecast
  • Spotlight on the Future - The HSU Library Electronic Reserve System
  • Reservations Now Being Taken for Third Floor Study Rooms

Fall 1996

  • The HSU Electronic Library - Further Steps Down the Road
  • Point of Origin
  • Drop-In Electronic Tutorials
  • Ray Wang: Our New Librarian for U.S. & California Documents
  • The Library Sheds New Light on Microforms
  • New Carpeting in the Library

Spring 1996

  • New Online Sources
  • Computer Student Assistants in the Library
  • Electronic Course Reserves System Under Development
  • Library Book Sale
  • Media Services Update
  • New Manager for Media Services
  • Public Services Task Force
  • Endangered Steelhead and Salmon Research Materials