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University Publications in the Humboldt Room

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1915-to date Bulletin/Catalog (LD729 C975 A3; additional copies can be checked out at the Circulation Desk)
1916-1924 HSTC Letter (LD729 C975 H8)
1920s-to date Commencement program
1924-1925 Fog-horn. (LD729 C975 A39)
1927; 1938-1966; 1977-1978; 1982-1985 1927 Cabrillo (LD 729.6 A6 C32); 1938-1966 Sempervirens (LD 729.6 A6 S45); 1977-1978 The Lamp (LD 729.6 A6 L35); 1982-1985 Yearbook (LD 729.6 A6 H89). These are the ONLY years for which a yearbook was published.  Additional copies may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.
1929-1930; 1930-to date HSTC Rooter; Lumberjack (LD729.6 C975 A4)
1934-1982 Humboldt Alumnus (LD729.6 A6 H87)
1943-1945 Humboldt News Letter
1949-1958 Stages and Studio (Speech, Drama and Radio Dept.) (PN 2001 S8)
1952-to date Class Schedule
1950-1969; 1993 The Poop Sheet. (Conservation Unlimited) (S900 P66)
1953 40th Anniversary
1954-to date Toyon (English Dept.) (PN2 T6)
1954-1976 Today's Bulletin
1955-to date Sabbatical Leave Reports
1957-1968 Hilltopper (LH1 C3 H83)
1959-1993/94 Annual Ring (Forestry Club) (SD254 H8)
1959-1995 Humboldt Statements
1959/60-to date Academic Senate Minutes
1960 Campus Dedication Week, New Master Plan
1961-1962 Forum (LH1 C3 H82)
1963 50th (Golden) Anniversary
1963-1966 Timber (AP2 T5)
1964-1987 Library Bulletin
1964-to date Outstanding Professor Awards
1965-1969 Pacific Oceanic Olio (Oceanography Dept.) (GC1 P3)
1965-to date Executive Memoranda (LD729.6. A6 A2)
1968-to date News Releases. Also News Clips
1968/69-to date HSUFoundation Financial Report
1972-1973 Third World Consciousness (LD729 C975 A75)
1973-to date Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (SASW Depts.) (H1 H84)
1973-to date Osprey (Journalism Dept.) (LH1 C3 O8)
1973-to date University Center Financial Statements
1973-1990 ITE(P)P Newsletter (E97.6 H8 I54)
1974-1979 Staff Newsletter (LD729 C975 S73)
1974-1980 Veterans Gazette (LD729 C975 H89)
1975-1982 Humboldt Stater (LD729.6 A6 H88)
1975-1991 Foggiest Notion (LD729.6 C975)
1975-to date Extended Education catalog
1978-1981 Core (Computer Center) (LD729.6 A6 C67)
1978-to date WomaNotes; Matrix (HQ1181 U5 W-/HQ1181 U5 M37)
1979-1982 Forum : a faculty and staff journal (LD729 C975 F67 and online)
1980-1993, 1997-to date Center Arts
1982-2006 Humboldt Stater (LD729.6 A6 H882, 1982-1988 in box)
1983/84-to date Student Affairs annual report (LD729.6 A6 H9)
1984-1997 Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association newsletter (LD729.6 A6 H86)
1984-to date CCAT News; AT Transfer (T1 C35)
1986-to date Scholar of the Year Awards
1988 75th Anniversary
1989-2003 Messenger (Center for Indian Community Development) (F856 M4)
1990-to date Nautilus Notes (Natural History Museum) (QH75 A1 N38)
1992-to date Recycler newsletter (TD785 R4)
1995-2000 Humboldt Digest
1995/96-to date Center Activities Catalog
1995/96-to date Multicultural Center's Cultural Times (HM1271 C84 and online)
1997-to date HSU Combined Financial Statements
2007-to date Humboldt: the magazine of Humboldt State University (LD729.6 H882)