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April 15, 2015

One-Log House


Humboldt Redwoods Project
This digital project was designed and created in partnership with the Humboldt State University (HSU) Library Special Collections and the HSU Museum & Gallery Practices Certification Program to celebrate our community's relationship with the magnificent redwood forests that surrounds us. 

This project contains four exhibits that consider the following themes: historic logging, activism, tourism, and redwood art. Most of the materials used for this exhibition were provided by the HSU Special Collections, in addition to other community resources. Please enjoy our exhibits exploring the majestic Sequoia Semprevirens.  


December 18, 2014

Founders Hall at Humboldt State University


Where Does History Happen?
Now the HSU community can pin-point exactly where a historic photographs were captured. As part of her internship in Special Collections, Grace Rotwein created a HistoryPin profile for the Library. HistoryPin is a free social media platform that allows users to pin historical content to Google maps. Just a couple of fun features: 

  • Each image is pinned on a map. Click on the image to see more information about the image or place. Videos and audio are also pinned.
  • You can go on virtual tours and explore digitized collections.
  • Check out the street view tab, which you can use to fade between Google street view and the historic image.
  • There is a mobile app for HistoryPin. Great feature if you are giving friends or potential students tours of the campus and would like to incorporate historic images.
  • HistoryPin encourages crowd-sourcing because it allows users to view content across archival collections and personal accounts. All pins appear on the Google map when you search Humboldt County.

Interested in pinning Humboldt History?  Contact Special Collections for more information.


November 25, 2014

CICD logo


Center for Indian Community Development Collection
The HSU Library's Special Collections is currently processing the Center for Indian Community Development Collection to make it available for research. This exhibit is on display to encourage use of this forthcoming resource. The Center for Community Development (CCD) was established in 1966 to provide services and outreach to American Indian communities in Indian Country on behalf of HSU. The name was changed to the Center for Indian Community Development (CICD) in 1991. CICD was closed in 2013. The exhibit reflects CICD's primary service areas: American Indian (primarily Hupa, Karuk, Tolowa and Yurok) language development, economic development and community development.


October 4, 2014

Bigfoot welcomes the Nixons sign


Humboldt History in Motion
Free screening of newly digitized local historic films 6pm on October 4 at the Eureka Theater, depicting North Coast life from daily small town doings from the 1930s to the 1950s to major events, including the dedication of Redwood National Park, a film of the 1964 flood damage with narration, and live footage of the 1992 Cape Mendocino earthquake. Presented by the  Humboldt State University Library, Humboldt County Historical Society, and the Eureka Theater.


March 28, 2014

student looking at microfiche


Mid-Day Matinee - Films from the Library Vault
Look back at HSU’s history by viewing archival gems from the Library’s Special Collections on Friday, March 28th, 12-2 pm, in the Library Fishbowl, L209. Video selections will feature campus departments, students, and faculty spanning the decades. Many of these films have recently been digitized through the California Light and Sound Project. The final film is an encore screening of the HSU Centennial documentary celebrating the people and spirit of Humboldt State, directed by HSU Alum Benjamin Bettenhausen (‘07, Physics). Come for an afternoon of HSU history through film, and see how much the campus has changed or remained the same over the years. Refreshments will be provided! This is part of the Library's Centennial Showcase Celebration.


March 12, 2014

librarian helping patron in book stacks


A Look Back at the HSU Library - Centennial Speaker Joan Berman
Joan Berman will introduce the HSU Library exhibit The Evolution of Information, featuring photographs and objects from the Library's Special Collections on Wednesday, March 12th, 5-6:30 pm, in the Library Fishbowl, L209. She will discuss the HSU Library's rich history and developing future as its academic, cultural, and research methods shift through time. This presentation will begin in the Library Fishbowl and then move to the Library lobby for a guided tour of the exhibit. Joan has worked as a librarian at HSU for over 40 years and became head of Special Collections in 1997.  This is part of the Library's Centennial Showcase Celebration.


March 7, 2014

still from Ugliest Fountain in the World


Mid-Day Matinee - Local Film Shorts
HSU Library is showcasing some of the local short films to celebrate HSU's Centennial Celebration on Friday, March 7th, 12-1:30pm, in L114. Three short films will be screened: UGLIEST FOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD (WITHOUT A DOUBT), by Jensen Rufe (’99) HSU grad, THE HARRIERS by Dean Munroe (‘68) and David Phillips (‘69) HSU grads, and ARCATA FROM DAWN TILL DUSK by Prof. Ann Alter. Refreshments will be provided! This is part of the Library's Centennial Showcase Celebration.


March 5, 2014

looking in the card catalog


The Evolution of Information - HSU Library Exhibit Opening
When the University was founded in 1913, Humboldt State provided a library to its students and faculty. This exhibit will feature the changing nature of information over the past 100 years. From books to e-journals, the library has provided the foundation of scholarly research for a century. Join the library in celebrating this exhibit opening on Wednesday, March 5th, 3-5pm, in the Library Lobby. There will be refreshments and door prizes! This is part of the Library's Centennial Showcase Celebration.


December 12, 2013

Founders Hall covered in snow


From the Archives: Snow Days
In case you missed it, the library recently posted images from the university's archives onto Facebook. The photographs are from 1989 when the campus was closed because it snowed. The photographs were taken by Alumn Cheryl Conner.

For more historical images of campus, visit the Humboldt Room on the third floor of the library.


October 24, 2013

Items donated by Madonna

HSU History: Did You Know?
Madonna donated stage equipment and props to HSU's Theater Arts department?

Assorted items from Madonna’s “Who’s That Girl?” world tour made its way to Humboldt State University via Paris, France in 1987. Negotiations for the gift were set in motion by HSU Alumn Dave Knopf, a professional roadie who had been a part of Madonna’s stage crew during the tour. In conversations with Madonna’s staff over what to do with unwanted equipment after the tour ended, Knopf suggested donating materials to his alma mater… and the rest is history!

Included in the donation were platforms, stairs and a portable stage, projection screens, Levelor blinds, scrims, black drapes, a treadmill, 10 remote-controlled cutouts of gangsters, and a teddy bear with a black lace garter.

Citation: Humboldt State News Releases, Special Collections Department, Humboldt State University Library.


August 12, 2013

New Reflections of Arcata's History

HSU Centennial: From the Library Perspective
Special Collections, aka the Humboldt Room, has provided photos and research for the book Humboldt State University (2010) by alumna Katy Tahja and since then for the HSU Centennial Celebration, including materials used on the website and in other publications.

"New Reflections of Arcata's History" is on display in the Library Lobby. The exhibit features recent donations to the Humboldt Room with major emphasis on the Arcata Historical Resources Survey 2012, our first "born-digital" collection, donated by the Historical Sites Society of Arcata. See the exhibit through Sept 9, then online.


July 3, 2013

Lumberjack 1985

Centennial News Resource Covering 1967-2002
HSU prepared print News Releases to inform the public media about events and activities related to Humboldt State from 1967 through 2002. These releases are matched by clippings from local newspapers indicating how those releases reached their public.  The table of contents of the Releases is online and searchable - then come in to the Humboldt Room to view the text, as put out by the institution and then as it appeared in the media.  Searches might range from "salmon" to "music" - and more!  You might also want to check the Lumberjack for the date range to see what was capturing the student perspective at the same time!


July 3, 2013

Humboldt Theses and Projects - View Them Online!
Although the option to submit HSU theses online through the Library's Humboldt Digital Scholar (HDS) has been available since 2005 - and about 90% of students submitting theses have done so - it is now mandatory that all theses and projects be submitted digitally via HDS.  Take a look - and also get more detail on Humboldt theses and projects.


April 19, 2013

Humboldt State Teachers College 1/11/1947 from Shuster Collection


A Look Back: Humboldt State Through the Years
A Look Back: Humboldt State Through the Years features many photos from the Library Special Collections. As plans have been developing for the Centennial, the Humboldt Room staff - Joan Berman, Katie LaSala and Carly Marino - have been answering many questions about all aspects of the history of the institution. Use this University Archives page to explore that history for yourself.

November 27, 2012

Korbel School on stump #2 by Ericson


More Redwoods Photos Command Interest
Historical logging photos from the Library Humboldt Room continue to fuel newspaper articles.  The latest is Ericson photo Korbel School on stump #2 which is featured in the Portland Oregonian as clones from this Fieldbrook stump will be planted near Port Orford on December 4.

November 1, 2012

Among the Redwoods in California by Ericson

Ericson Logging Photos International!
Seems that someone posted HSU Library Humboldt Room/Ericson photos to this site: Daily Mail Online in September. No, permission wasn't requested, but they did add "Humboldt State University Library" to each of the images - nice publicity! We've had 2 referrals since then requesting permission to use the photos in French and Danish newspapers ..and most recently an inquiry from Ripley's Believe It or Not! Visit the Library's Special Collections website for more information about our historical photograph collections.


August 27, 2012

Cover of the 1956 Frosh Camp Handbook

HSU History: Did You Know?
HSU used to host a “Frosh Camp” for incoming freshman? It’s true, long before the development of the Humboldt Orientation Program (HOP) the campus community had a history of welcoming its new students in style. During the 1920s and into the 1940s this intensive introduction to campus life included skits and other participatory events.

In the fall of 1955 these activities and events were formalized into Frosh Camp. Its purpose, according to the official Frosh Camp pamphlet, was to provide a “program of orientation to Humboldt State College” and offered students “the much needed before school vacation.” This 2-3 day event included a whole host of activities such as nature outings, fireside chats, and sock-hops. Frosh Camp Handbooks, complete with camp rules of good conduct, daily itineraries, traditional songs and yells, and name lists provide unique insight into the culture that had formed on campus by the mid twentieth century.

For more information about Frosh Camp or HSU history in general, visit the Library’s Humboldt Room.

Citation: Archives Pamphlet Collection, Special Collections Department, Humboldt State University Library.


August 8, 2012

Founders Hall Library


Special Collections Exhibit
Enjoy some HSU history through the exhibit next to the Library Lobby. "HSU Library Special Collections: Looking back at 15 years" was prepared by summer intern Brittany Britton.  New collections - Becking, Buckley, McKay, Palmquist/Yale - and newly digitized collections - Roberts, Schoenrock are featured, along with many timelines and artifacts of the University's history.

March 30, 2012

Peter Palmquist

Palmquist Online
The HSU Library Humboldt Room staff have completed scanning 3,700 images in the Peter E. Palmquist Working Photograph Collection - see the collection page for information about this collection and a link to the searchable database. The next step to further enhance the collection, as noted in this recent press release, will be to identify, scan and catalog approximately 700 more Northwestern California photographs uniquely held in the Palmquist collections at Yale Univeristy. HSU archivist Edie Butler will travel there in April to begin the process, supported in part by a generous grant from the Peter E. Palmquist Fund at the Humboldt Area Foundation.


February 20, 2012

Becking Collection Open for Research
See Humboldt Now for press release about the completion of a grant project to organize and make available for researchers the Rudi Becking Collection in the HSU Library Humboldt Room.


December 15, 2011
Crannell School, Little River Redwood Co.


New Humboldt Room Collections & Exhibits
Read about new collections in this story Library Enlarges Key North Coast Archives and see examples of Humboldt Room collections in the exhibit "How can Special Collections help you envision and understand a 'Place' in Humboldt County?" The town of Crannell is featured.


June 21, 2010

Library construction

HSU - Historical Photos Part 2
There is a new exhibit of photos from the Humboldt Room's HSU Public Affairs Collection in the North Wall case on the first floor. This complements the Historical Photos exhibit in the Main Case - what can you recognize?

May 4, 2010
The Lucky Logger mascot in the 1962 Homecoming Parade

HSU - Historical Photos & Book
The Humboldt Room celebrates the publication of a pictorial history Humboldt State University by alumna Katy Tahja with an exhibit of more photos from the newly processed HSU Public Affairs Collection. The exhibit opens May 11 and will be on display in the Library through the summer. A reception and book signing will be held on May 14, 4-5:30 in the Library Lobby - please join us!


January 25, 2010

Hidden Collection Grant
The Rudi Becking Collection will be processed over the next two years thanks to a newly received grant coordinated by Humboldt Room staff Joan Berman and Edie Butler.  See more.


December 8, 2009

Abalone Tales

Finding New Books
The exhibit case on the North wall of the Library Lobby illustrates using the "New Titles" feature of the Library Catalog to locate materials added to the Humboldt Room in the last month. Some of these may be newly published books like Abalone Tales or Medicine Trails, or a journal issue such as the October issue of National Geographic Magazine on Redwoods.


September 9, 2009

Ericson Photo 1999.02.0077 - In the Redwoods along Eel River

NG & Redwoods 1899-2009!
Come explore the Redwoods through the lens of National Geographic. An exhibit on the main floor of the Library coincides with the release of the October issue. National Geographic has been covering Redwoods since 1899 - all of the materials used for the exhibit come from the Library's Humboldt Room, a repository for information about Northwestern California. Along with the banner on the clock tower and the Library exhibit, there will be a presentation by Nick Nichols and Mike Fay on Saturday October 3, 8 p.m., Van Duzer Theater.


October 1, 2008





October Events in the Library!
Check the calendar and do come to Stories a Photo Tells this Thursday, October 2, at 4 p.m. in the Library Fishbowl (Library 209).

September 19, 2008


Stories a Photo Tells
Finding History in Photographic Archives - See the exhibit in the Library September 24-October 20. Then, on Thursday, October 2, 4-6 p.m., HSU Library Fishbowl, hear historian and author Dione Armand (Eureka and Sequoia Park) and photographer and curator Joseph Wilhelm ("An Arcata Ago") present their methods and insights regarding the use of archival photographic resources, highlighting their experiences with the extensive HSU Library Humboldt Room collections (MORE).


June 6, 2008

Eureka Tidelands Collection

Unlocking The Archives Exhibit
Library Humboldt Room staff invite you to celebrate with them what it looks like to finish processing a major collection!  The exhibit Unlocking the Archives: The Eureka Tidelands Case of 1968  is on the first floor of the Library through August 25.  For more information about the collection, including a slide show based on the exhibit, see /humco/holdings/waterfront.htm.


April 22, 2008

Arcata at 150

Arcata At 150 - Photo Exhibit
Three HSU students assisted Joseph Wilhelm in restoration and research as he created this splendid exhibit honoring Arcata's 150 years as a city. The 35 remastered digital images show the changing Arcata region over eight decades. Enjoy these images online or catch the exhibit as it moves from venue to venue around Arcata. Then explore the HSU Library Humboldt Room collections from which the exhibit originated - Ericson Collection and Shuster Collection.


December 6, 2007

redwood and car

Need An Image?
The Library maintains a page that includes 1) image databases only available through the Library, 2) a search form that searches for books in the Library that contain images and 3) directories of good images sites on the Internet.  The latest edition to the page is the Image Collection that contains over 285,000 images of people, places, historical events, and natural history.

September 18, 2007

Original Patriots - Chag Lowry

World War II - Humboldt County
Drawing from the rich resources of the Humboldt Room, this exhibit in the Library Lobby includes letters to Humboldt State President Gist and newspaper articles about the Emidio and the Chicago Bridge & Iron Works.  Recent publications are also showcased: a masters thesis by Jack Bareilles; a Humboldt Historian article by Gayle Karshner, "Humboldt State College: Memories of the World War II Years" and Chag Lowry's book Original Patriots: Northern California Indian Veterans of World War II.

January 8, 2007

Workers assembling near building next to railroad tracks

Humboldt Room Exhibit In Lobby
Northwestern California Forest Communities continues in the Library lobby through January 29 as well as online: maps, photos and more. A special treat is the Belcher Atlas.

November 16, 2006

Belcher Atlas Online
The Belcher Atlas of Humboldt County, 1921-22, is online on the Humboldt Room Collections page. This is at higher resolution than on the Calisphere site!


November 7, 2006

Primary Sources In Calisphere
Find historical photographs and maps of northwestern California in Calisphere - A World of Digital Resources. For Humboldt Room collections see Humboldt Room Photograph Collections.


February 2, 2006

Shuster Aerial Photos Online
You're invited! View the Shuster Aerial Photograph Collection (2,300 images online!) and see the Exhibit in the Library, February 14-March 13.