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Cal Poly Humboldt students, as paid Library Scholar Interns, benefit from project-based learning and undergraduate research opportunities that produce hands-on learning in Special Collections, Digital Media, or Scholarly Communications. Their work results in digital publications shared globally, and the experience transforms lives.

The Humboldt Room internship was a mind expanding experience that showed the different applications of historical analysis. There’s more to history than essays and citations. The internship provides different avenues to apply the skills I have learned through trial and error with rewarding results.
--Alex Garcia, History Major, Library Scholar Intern

Looking at photosLibrary Scholar Interns work in collaboration with academic programs and each other to build skills in teamwork, problem solving, communications, and research. Library Scholar Interns lead projects such as: researching and writing for the web, curating exhibits and engagement programs, creating presentations, and text layout and digitization for the Press@Humboldt. Interns are paid and may receive course credit as well as credit for their online productions.

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Fundraising Need: $500 awarded per Library Scholar Intern. Options: Create a named endowment for $26,200 (that means 1 intern each semester forever), or support a particular project or discipline of your interest, see below for details.



Portrait of Redwood Loggers Current Library Scholar Internship Projects

Researching the Redwoods is our latest digital exhibition that connects the journals and slides of Lucille Vinyard, with the variety of Redwood National Park exhibits about activism, logging, photograph and other collections of; Rudolf W. Becking, Boyle, Lynwood Carranco, Ericson, Peter E. Palmquist, Roberts, Hover, Schoenrock, Merle Shuster, Swanlund-Baker, Susie Van Kirk, and others, including; the Becking Redwood National Park Collection, and Rare Books from the Cal Poly Humboldt Library Special Collections.

The Humboldt Redwoods Project is a digital exhibition created by Cal Poly Humboldt students in partnership with the Library's Special Collections, Redwood National Park, and the Cal Poly Humboldt Museum & Gallery Practices Certification Program to celebrate our community's relationship with the redwood forests that surround us. Current exhibits include; historic logging, activism, tourism, and redwood art.

Lucille VinyardThe Lucille Vinyard Collection exhibit explores Lucille Vinyard's life and activism through her journals and field notes. This exhibit is meant to highlight Lucille's struggles and show her determination in creating the Redwood National Park. Our goal is to encourage researchers and curious minds to experience the life and work of Lucille Vinyard and explore her journey of creating one of the most awe inspiring national parks.

Your support of Library Scholar Interns can have a lasting value on the lives of students and the world.

The most important thing about this internship is the experience of getting one’s hands dirty in real historian work.
--Jorge Ambriz, History Major, Library Scholar Intern

I hope to gain skills and a perspective about digitizing written material in an era where this seems to be a necessary project.
--Christopher Villa, English Major, Library Scholar Intern

Library interns Library Scholar Internships support a variety of program areas, including:

Special Collections & University Archives

Library Scholar Special Collections Interns learn to work with rare and unique materials, processing collections, creating finding aids and digital exhibits that showcase the unique collections of rare books, photographs, documents, historic maps, oral histories and media. Interns are introduced to a variety of archival skills such as processing collections, digital projects, preparing exhibits, conducting research, and marketing Special Collections.

Pinetum Britannicum coverThe Press@Humboldt
Library Scholars Press@Humboldt Interns digitize rare books, such as the 1884 publication Pinetum Britanicum, and make them available worldwide free online, or support various new works to be published by the Press. There are many rare and unique works at the Library and Special Collections to publish free, and in learning to publish, the Library Scholar Interns learn invaluable skills, including; digitization, project management, writing for the web, publishing platforms, and marketing.


Digital Media Lab

Library Scholar DML Interns work with and assist Cal Poly Humboldt students on developing digital media projects, primarily video, audio, photo and web-based projects. Interns will learn and teach about the DML equipment and software, create a variety of digital media projects, and learn design-thinking approaches to planning projects.

Library Scholar Intern Quotes

I had a clear goal for my transfer year - I took Foreign Relations and the Library Scholar internship. Working with local history gave me a path to a different career that I haven’t thought about before. Library Sciences has become a Plan B for my History degree. Maybe I wasn’t looking, but I definitely found it.
--Jorge Ambriz (History major, Political Science minor, Spring 2016)

The internships in the library are good for getting students used to doing work with online databases and websites in a library setting with the public. This experience can be helpful for future studies, a dissertation. It never hurts to learn.
--Zack Payne, Library Student Assistant (Religious Studies, Spring 2017)


Name Endowed Library Scholar Internships

Malcolm BuchananMalcolm Buchanan Library Scholar Internships

Thanks to a bequest from Malcolm Buchanan ‘50, the Cal Poly Humboldt Library provides paid credit-based student internships to our students. This powerful digital humanities experience with hands-on research and project-based learning combines work with archives, manuscripts and rare books.


More information and applications for the Cal Poly Humboldt Library Internships can be found here.

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