Building a New Event Space on the Second Floor

Love InshAllah Reading April 2012A campus community space for students, faculty, authors...

Every year, the Cal Poly Humboldt Library hosts more than 120 events from film screenings, lectures and poetry readings to faculty trainings, new technology demonstrations and campus-wide celebrations. Many of these events take place in the Library’s Second Floor Fishbowl Room, which is often overflowing its maximum capacity of 85. Our active and engaged campus community has asked for additional performance, lecture, and workshop space in the Library to accommodate an expanding variety of programming with audiences that extend beyond campus to our North Coast community.

Holly during the tea ceremony Summer 2015During spring semester of 2015, the Library Seismic Retrofit Steering Committee utilized several methods to gather user feedback, including four World Café sessions and six Focus Group meetings with students, staff, faculty, engineers, custodians, University Center staff, and Library faculty/staff. Many of those surveyed noted the popularity of the Library Fishbowl. Several recommendations were made for another space that can serve as a multi-purpose room for diverse public events, meetings, and community gatherings.

Quotes from the 2015 Library Survey:
  • Hold more events like poetry/book readings and musical performances.
  • Increase the visibility of multicultural artwork/exhibits and public programming.
  • We need more areas like the Fishbowl, especially because it is transparent.

Tim Miller, Jay Schock, John Johnson at a book circle

Barbara Curiel book readingTo meet campus community needs, a second event space will be built to provide a greater seating capacity and access to presentation technology such as dual video projection, dimmable lights, and mobile tables and chairs.

Goal: $100,000




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