Posting of Publicity in Public Areas of the Library

It is the policy of Cal Poly Humboldt Library to provide areas for posting of appropriate communications to library users. In the interest of effective communication and orderly appearance, these areas are limited to those specifically listed here (includ­ing both inside building and on its exterior walls but not including interior of offices). Nonconforming notices will be removed promptly by members of the Library staff.

All notices posted inside or on exterior walls of the Library building (except those noted below) must be approved by the Library Dean or Administration Office. This applies to all notices whether or not they have received the approval of some other campus agency. The Administration Office will send email to all library staff notifying them of the approval of specific cases.

Two bulletin boards on the 1st floor are available for posting:

  1. The Campus & Community Events bulletin board is for notices of general educational and cultural interest and campus employment opportunities. It is located on the 1st floor, near the vending machines and is checked daily.
    1. Notices must be stamped at the University Center Information Desk and can be submitted to the various library service desks or L112.
    2. Notices will be posted as room permits.  Users should be made aware that oversized posters may not be posted due to space limitations.
    3. Personal business information, political “vote for,” or “tear-off” notices will not be posted.
    4. Outdated fliers will be removed when event has occurred, regardless of stamped date.
    5. Self-posted notices will be removed.
  2. The General bulletin board located on the 1st floor, also near the vending machines, is for self-posting of all other notices following the campus policy EM:P10-01 Policy on Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression X. Posting. Notices are removed at the end of each semester.

Table tents and miscellaneous handouts of interest to students are permitted throughout the building with approval by the Library Dean or Administration Office. They should be removed after the event.