Sculpture Walk 2008

The Ravishing Maiden: The Gate
Marilyn Andrews

Gray Matter I, II, III
Jimmie Nord
Low Fire Ceramic, Steel

Kindred Spirit
Jennifer Rand
"A coiled form embodies certain lifelike qualities. The tactile process of coiling a form has something elemental about it, ceramics in its bare essence. I seek to draw upon this technique while not being limited by it; rather, to explore the possibilities it offers for building sculptural forms with emotional resonance."

Human Clay
Kelley Donahue
Cardboard, Clay
"The fragility, impermanence and organic nature of raw clay lends to the essence of an unwanted and socially displaced human who I would like to create from it. The figure represents a homeless person, and day by day as people pass, the clay will crack. Some will notice, and some won't care. This is about interrogation the response of the public to the lost and forgotten."

Magic of Life and Death
M. Kate Manley
Paper Mache, Fabric, Brass Wire, Steel Wire, Maple, Steel Armature
"The imagery is the tension of life and death and how nature serves humanity on the path of the afterlife. The arm represents human presence and experience and it is white and simple in form to symbolize death of the body. In mythology, the dragonfly is a reminder of the magic that is in the world around us and after us. The butterfly represents strength and commitment to life by migrating thousands of miles to insure their work is done; life's changes, growth, patience, grace, and completion."

Fairy Tale Castle
Seana Burden
"I made a castle out of sheets of metal. It might have been a little influenced by cubes I have seen, then I gradually got away from the cube while I was thinking about it. I used the hand held plasma cutter to draw the designs. The scenes on each panel are from Cinderella, Swan Lake, Princess Bride, and a combination of The Nutcracker and Star Wars where Clare is battling the Mouse King with a Light Saber."

Rick Evans
Wood, Bronze, Aluminum

33 Years of Service
Jason Lovitt
Oak, Found Object

Visceral Illuminations
Sondra Schwetman
Mixed Media

Family Affair
Joan Rosko
Mixed Media
"My sculptures represent tumultuous manifestations of the dichotomous internal struggles women face. The materials I use are simple; my own clothing, worn and comfortable. The transformative power of resin creates a snapshot of emotion, the ambituity of which can be interpreted as physical, emotional, spiritual and/or psychic pain. It is a testimony of what I know some people feel, yet feel insecure in the expressing."

Always Looking Back
Mort Scott
Cast Bronze

Meredith Stall
Mixed Media

Sculpture Walk Tour

Sculpture Walk Tour