Sculpture Walk 2007

"To the Lighthouse: Lily Briscoe's Painting"
Marilyn Andrews
Bronze, Suede and Fabric

"No, You Can't Sit On My Heart (But You Can Curl Up Fetus-Style)"
Faith Dickens
Fabric, Used Clothing, Blankets

Rick Evans
Painted Steel and Wood

"Never More"
Rick Evans
Painted Steel

Bob Frye
Copper and Steel

"Small Treasons"
Sondra Schwetman
Forton MB, Steel and Bronze

Simon Kang
Lava Rock, Wood and Bronze

"A Suspicious Package"
Josh Voerman
Suitcase, Paint, Polymer, Clay and Hair

"Breaking Into"
Sierra Pahl
Cardboard, Paint

"I Love You Because....2007"
Paper, Chicken Wire, Woods, Sand


Group Led Sculpture Tour - April 13, 2007