Sculpture Walk 2005

Mort Scott
Cast Bronze

"A Box of Brains to Ease the Pain"
Stephanie Paul
6' x 3'-Cast Plastic, Steel, Fishing Line, Hooks
"This sculpture was created on response to the way I perceive most of the American public. We live in a corporate world where all aspects of our lives have been privatized and made into profits for companies. Our brains are being contained, controlled, and manipulated by the boxes coporations have made for us. This was my effort to demonstrate that."

"Ceramic, Aluminum and Friend Fur"
Roland Lebrun
24 " x 18" x 17"

"Expect Nothing"
Katrina Clark
1.5' x 2' Steel, Wood, Bras

"Penetration Nation: holding it in"
Claudia N Torres-Ambriz
"Women are encouraged to keep their blood away from sight. There are different products that aim to ease the blood-ridding process. Some involve penetration. This is counter to what the body needs, ejection. I am to visually illustratre this process."

Sondra Schwetman
36" x 36" x 60" Forton M.G., Fabric, Graphite, Feathers
"This work is from a series entitled "Characters of a Lesser Mythology" and is my feminist retelling of the Greek myth Icarus"

"The Ravishing Maiden: The Gates"
Marilyn Andrews
3' x 12' Cast Bronze

Roland Lebrun
14" x 6" x 6", Mid Range Ceramic

"A Good Read"
Brian Woida
4' x 2' Bronze and Bookshelf