Sculpture Walk

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to exist as a student-run organization dedicated to the support and sponsorship of three-dimensional sculpture for the student, faculty and staff at Cal Poly Humboldt. The University Sculptors Alliance assists three-dimensional artists to gain required knowledge and field experience pertaining to art and the installation of group and/or individual art exhibitions. Our club operates as an outlet to host group discussions concerning three-dimensional artistic awareness and serve as a forum for artists to voice their opinions and exercise their individual rights. We encourage an atmosphere where members have the opportunity to develop individual leadership and organizational skills as well as help to encourage community amongst peers. We aim to be a foundation for which future sculptors may build upon. University Sculptors Alliance’s ultimate aspiration is the mutual representation of all interests expressed by its actively enrolled membership.
Sculpture Walk Displays in the Cal Poly Humboldt Library

Sculpture Walk 2021 (in conjuction with ideaFest)