Spaulding, Ryan

Super Taco by Ryan Spaulding

Super Taco

Artist's Statement: My work is a celebration of moments that may be overlooked or forgotten. I investigate the outward appearance and social interactions of people in everyday experiences. I believe my own social anxieties have made me an observer of people. In portraying people I am able to socialize and interact in another way. Facial expressions, body language, outfits and costumes frequently draw me to imagery, but I find formalist qualities alluring as well.

Being passionate about the physical process of making art, I enjoy leaving the viewer with insights into the physicality of my work. Through various expressive mark-making techniques and by showing the physicality of the material used I am able to involve the viewer in this intimate act of art making.

The idea of elevating the commonplace fascinates me. I find loose gestural mark-making, a characteristic of my style, to have an animating quality that as aided me in heightening the everyday imager I portray. Striving for satisfaction in the ordinary I hope to draw attention to its often forgotten richness.

--Ryan Spaulding

Reflections on Ryan Spaulding's Super Taco by Gabrielle Gopinath, Art Historian

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