Groth, Bruno

The Unfoldment by Bruno Groth

The Unfoldment
Bleached Redwood

Gift of the Artist, Collection of Cal Poly Humboldt
These sculptures can be found on the 2nd floor.
The Cal Poly Humboldt Library is proud to host the Bruno Groth Virtual Art Gallery*, a website that chronicles the life and art of Bruno Groth. [*This is a link to the Internet Archive version as we move the site to a new home.]
Bruno Groth was born in 1905 in Stolp, Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1923. Groth lived the majority of his life here in Humboldt County. His wife Nita, son David and daughter Nina live in the area and are also artists. Bruno Groth's work has been shown at the Brussels World Fair in 1957, and in such places as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Much of his work was inspired by nature, life and death.
Groth, who was interested in Asian philosophy, explained, "Universal Being expresses itself in its highest form on this earth in man. Don't you feel that? Hence, this is the family of man, continuously bringing forth life until he reaches his highest point - of realizing within himself that he is an immortal being - that he is part of what has always been. In this parcel of divisibility he manifests his present form in evolution, but the potentiality of his being, having reached this high, knows no limit. Sages have expressed this as "Cosmic Consciousness", I have tried to express my Metaphysics in this form" - Bruno Groth
Cal Poly Humboldt is fortunate to own a spectacular collection of statues by Bruno Groth, a local artist of national acclaim, but whose work can be found in many local and national collections. Bruno is no longer living, though his legacy lives on through his art.
The Unfoldment has undergone some damage throughout the years, and was recently restored by a local sculptor, Jack Sewell. The Cal Poly Humboldt Library is proud to display this collection.