Adams, Gabriel

Triple Junction by Gabriel Adams

Triple Junction
Mixed Media
On loan from Margaret Lang and Steve Railsback.
This painting can be found on the 1st floor.
Gabe Adams is a graduate of Cal Poly Humboldt.
"Inspired by a course in California Geology and Professor Bud Burke, this piece was a learning tool for me. To begin, every feature is nearly to scale. Three separate plywood panels have been cut and angled on a the base board according to accurate stress fractures ripped by the San Andreas Fault. The image illustrates the geologic theory of Plate Tectonics, with geographic precision, and serves as a visual understanding of complex scientific information. A profile of the North West Coast of California from Monterey Bay to the northern border splits the piece down the center. Each color variation represents various geologic features such as rock, soil, terrain, land and oceanic elevations, existing as a product of fault stress. Each strip of color is a stack of either 2, 3, or 4 cardboard cut outs that precisely describes topographical relief translated from USGS Topo Maps." ~ Gabriel Adams