Art Inside the Library

Exciting Update! After years of hosting the marvelous pieces of art that can be found on these webpages, the Library building artwork is being refreshed! Due to the construction and closure, the art was removed for protection and new pieces from the campus collection are currently being installed. This website will be updated by art interns this semester to reflect the new pieces like the one below (Fukiko Marshall's Pink Petal Sky):

photo of Fukiko Marshall's Pink Petal Sky painting

For those asking about the return of Martin Wong's artwork - It was on tour to Brooklyn and Berkeley in the last several years, and it's scheduled to travel to Europe for another exhibition this year. Unfortunately, it will be gone for a while but you can enjoy it virtually here.

Cal Poly Humboldt is located on the Northern Coast of California, an area that is well known for its native beauty of redwoods, beaches, rivers, mountains and wildlife. Humboldt is also abundantly rich in talent.  Many artists live in this community, have flourished to become well known artists, and are prominent in their careers. The Library displays a wonderful collection of art.  Many of the paintings we have on display were created by the artists who attended this University at one time.  Most of the artwork on display is on loan from the HSU Art Department's permanent collection, and will occasionally change.

The Cal Poly Humboldt Library is proud to host the Bruno Groth Virtual Art Gallery*, a website that chronicles the life and art of Bruno Groth. [*This is a link to the Internet Archive version as we move the site to a new home.]

Be sure to catch the annual Sculpture Walk, presented by the Association of Student Sculptors. This event is designed to showcase the wide variety of artwork produced by the HSU Sculptor program and usually occurs April to May of every year, closing with commencement.  The sculpture walk will take you on a journey across the campus, as pieces are displayed in different buildings or locations appropriate for each piece. Once again, you will find that there is an abundance of high quality art created on this campus.