HSU Authors Hall

HSU Authors HallThe HSU Authors Hall, located on the 2nd floor outside of the Library Fishbowl, is a permanent, physical collection of books, articles, CDs, and DVDs recognizing HSU faculty, staff, students, and alumni for their scholarship and creative work. Each spring, we celebrate works published during the previous year. The next annual celebration will be on Monday, February 15, 2021, 4-5:30pm.  In the meantime, please enjoy the various guest authors that present in the Library.

Humboldt State University faculty, staff, students, and alumni can identify their works using this form. (If you would like bypass this form and submit your list of publications or a CV, please send it to Cyril Oberlander.) Eligible works are published articles, books, book chapters, special issues of journals, substantive encyclopedia entries, poetry, musical compositions, audio recordings, film/video recordings, and art exhibition catalogs.

HSU Authors HallThe HSU Authors Celebration reflects our belief in intellectual growth through scholarship, creative activities and research, which is articulated in HSU’s values. This annual event honors HSU authors, and each year.

Please enjoy these photographs of past events:

And this article from Humboldt State Now:

Thank you to all the authors who have submitted their work.  Please keep them coming!