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ONCORES: Online Course Reserve System

ONCORES Request Form

A faculty member must submit a separate request form for each electronic reading they wish to have hosted through ONCORES and Moodle, following the ONCORES Submission Guidelines. Once completed, this form may be submitted to the Library by e-mail, or printed out and forwarded to the Library ONCORES Office, Library 110. Please do not use this form for Print Reserve requests.

Requestor Information (all fields are required):

Instructor's Name:       
Department/Course Number:
Telephone Number:        
E-mail Address:          
Dates Needed:             through 

Note: Please allow at least two weeks for document processing.

Check here if you need a link to this reading that you can post on Moodle.


Note: All ONCORES readings are available via the Course Reserve search interface in the HSU Library Catalog.

Bibliographic Information (complete as applicable; see notes below):

Copyright Policy: Only ONE part [chapter/article] from the SAME SOURCE [book/periodical] is allowed to be online during the same period of time.

Publication Date: 
Chapter/Page Nos.:
Journal Title:    
Issue Information:
Call Number:      

Form of Entry:    

Notes on completing reserve request form:

  1. Author: include the full name of the author of the book, journal article, etc., last name first.
  2. Title: include the full title of the book, journal article, etc.
  3. Publisher: if a book, include the name of the publisher.
  4. Publication Date: if a book, indicate date of publication.
  5. Chapter/Page Nos.: if a book, indicate the chapter heading and/or inclusive page numbers of citation.
  6. Journal Title: if a journal article, indicate the complete journal title.
  7. Issue Information: if a journal article, indicate the issue numeration, date, and page numbers of article.
  8. Format: Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF) is the default format for ONCORES readings. If another format, such as hypertext markup language (HTML) is needed, state that preference here.
  9. URL: if a hyperlink to a web resource is being requested, provide the complete uniform resource locator (URL) for that work.
  10. Call Number: specify the call number only if the item is held by the Library and the faculty member is requesting that Library staff retrieve the item from the collection for processing.
  11. Form of Entry: specify the preferred working title of the reading, if different from the article title or chapter heading.

If the material being cited is in the Library collection, and is available at the time the request is received, Library staff will use the call number supplied on this form to retrieve and process that item. If the material is either not in the collection, or is not available at the time the request is received, the faculty member should make provisions to provide a copy from another source, or processing delays may occur. In most cases, a quick search of the HSU Library Catalog will provide this status and availability information. If the title is not available locally, the Interlibrary Loan Service can locate and borrow materials from other libraries upon request.

The Library will make every effort to post ONCORES readings quickly. To minimize turnaround time, faculty are strongly encouraged to provide the source material whenever possible and to specify the exact dates on which students will need the reading.

For more information, consult the ONCORES gateway page, or contact the ONCORES staff by e-mail, by telephone at 826-4401, or in person at the Library Reserve Office in Library 110 (behind the Circulation Desk).