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Search language

The first keyword box must have terms entered into it. The second keyword box will always reduce the number of documents that you retreive. It is optional.

You may use Connector terms, AND, OR, NOT, W/# (for two terms within # words of each other). More connectors are available, see help.

Wildcards ( * and ! )
The asterisk ( * ) and the exclamation mark ( ! ) are special characters, wildcards
* replaces one character only.
! replaces many

LexisNexis Academic ignore hyphens, parens, and dashes

You may search within a set of results. A "focus(tm)" input box will appear.

If you get no results, check your Source settings and your Date settings. The problem may be there.

If you get too many results, add terms in the second keyword box or search withing the results

ALWAYS remember there is help available in the system. Look at the "How do I?" links on the top as well as the "Help"