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Books with Call Numbers N-Z
California State Government Documents
Computer Lab
Group Study Rooms
Humboldt Room
Quiet Study Area
Third Floor Reference Desk
U.S. Federal Government Documents

Books with Call Numbers N-Z Books with Call Numbers N-Z
Signs hanging from the ceiling and on the ends of the shelves will guide you to the call number you need. If you can't find a call number, ask at the Reference Desk.

California State Government Documents California State Government Documents
The Library is a depository for California documents and our collection is large. The staff at the third floor reference desk will help you locate material in this collection.

Computer Lab Computer Lab
This small lab, L310, is for independent student use.

Group Study Rooms Group Study Rooms
Rooms 311, 312, and 314 have priority for use by groups of two or more studying together. Students can reserve these rooms on sign-up sheets posted by the doors for the current day or sign-up in advance through an online form.

Humboldt Room Humboldt Room
This room houses the Humboldt County Collection, material emphasizing the natural resources, Native peoples, and history of Humboldt County. It includes books, maps, photographs, newspaper clippings, and more. The Humboldt Room's webpage has more information.

Quiet Study Area Quiet Study Area
Quiet study areas are located along the south and east walls of the 2nd and 3rd floors. If people are disturbing your study, go to the Reference desk, Circulation desk, or Periodicals and Media Assistance Window for help.

Restrooms Restrooms
The third floor restrooms are on the east side of the main stairwell.

Stairs Stairs
There are several sets of stairs located in the central area of the building and in the corners.

Third Floor Reference Desk Third Floor Reference Desk
Staff at this desk will help you with federal and California documents, the Humboldt County Collection, and the Archives Collection, as well as providing general research assistance.

U.S. Federal Government Documents U.S. Federal Government Documents
The Library is a depository for federal documents and our collection is very large. It includes printed materials, micrographics, and electronic sources. This collection uses a different classification system than the rest of the Library. The staff at the third floor reference desk will help you locate government documents.

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