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Administration Administration
This office is open during business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm). Come here to reserve Library display cases, and/or to make an appointment with the Dean of the Library.

Book Return Book Return
You may use these slots to return books you've checked out or used in the Library. There are separate slots for videos, CDs, Children's books, and government documents, too. You may also use the outside book drops to return books, but please put videos or CDs in the indoor return.

Canoe Canoe
This canoe is a gift from local Native Americans. Please treat it with respect. Don't sit on it or in it. The Native Americans consider it a living being.

Circulation Circulation
The Circulation desk is where you check things out, pick up interlibrary loans, or get print reserve materials.

Computer Lab Computer Lab
Only HSU students, faculty, and staff may use campus computer labs. These labs provide access to the Web and applications such as word-processing. The lab in Room 121 is also an information competence classroom. Check the weekly schedule posted by the door for class reservations. There are other labs located in Library 122 and 310. More labs are in other buildings around campus. To find out more about all the campus labs go to the Information Technology Services website.

Elevator Elevator
The elevator is opposite the main stairs on all three floors of the Library.

Entrance Entrance
The Library has only one entrance and exit, except for emergency exits. This helps make sure that library materials are properly checked out before they leave the building.

Desk Help Desk
The Help Desk is provided by campus Information Technology Services. The staff will help HSU students with using the labs, setting up Webmail accounts, etc.

Office ID Office
Your Library card is your campus ID card.

Interlibrary Loan Interlibrary Loan
This office is not in a public area, but you may need to come here with questions or to arrange renewals for books borrowed from other libraries. Go to the Reference desk first with any questions about interlibrary loan. Place your ILL requests electronically from the Library's webpage.

Maps and Atlases Maps and Atlases
This collection is part of Reference. Some of the maps can be checked out.

Reference Desk Reference Desk
Come here for help with Library research.

Reference Collection Reference Collection
This collection has encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other sources that help with research. You can't check these things out.

Restrooms Restrooms
There are restrooms on all three floors of the Library. On the first floor, the restrooms are located down the hallway to the right as you enter the building.

Stairs Stairs
There are several sets of stairs located in the central area of the building and in the corners.

Telephones Telephones
You can call any campus extension at no cost from the white phones. Pay phones are also available on the main floor for off-campus calls.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2011
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