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Center for Teaching & Learning is under development and this webpage is a work in progress, temporarily housed on the Library website.  More information can be found at Humboldt State University Strategic Plan: Faculty Development.

Teaching & Learning Monthly Luncheon, Thursday, March 2, 12:00-1:00pm; Humboldt Scholars Lab (Library 3rd floor)

Kvetch, Create, and Celebrate in Canvas!

Are you Canvas curious? Canvas confused? Please join us for lunch on March 2 in the Humboldt Scholars Lab to share learning experiences in Canvas, including:

  • Beginners Boo-Boos with Deidre Pike,
  • Course Organization with Amy Rock,
  • Rubric Basics with Christine Dobrowolski, and
  • How to get HELP! with Julia Alderson

The HSU QOLT* Team
(*HSU Quality Learning and Teaching Best Practices Guide)


HSU Sustainable Learning 2017 Workshop January 12th!

HSU faculty are invited to participate in an HSU Sustainable Learning workshop January 12th, 9am-Noon or 1-5pm and qualify for a $300 professional development award. As part of the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions, we know that making a college education more affordable for students is important for their success.

If you want to learn how to find high-quality free online educational resources, free library ebooks, or affordable textbook options from the bookstore, please RSVP at


Teaching & Learning Monthly Luncheon, Thursday, December 1, 12:00-1:00pm
End of the Semester Strategies: Reconnect, Review, Reflect

Greetings Faculty!

Thank you for joining us for the December 1 luncheon. This is a supportive space for faculty to discuss, share, and apply learning and teaching ideas, concepts, and practices in support of student success. In this session, we provided examples of how to end your semester with reconnection, review, and reflection of learning:

  • Reconnnecting with "Five Memorable Finales in Five Minutes" with Deidre Pike
  • Reviewing with a "hands-on" spatial thinking game with Amy Rock
  • Reflecting on learning goals with Christine Dobrowolski

The HSU QOLT* Team
(*HSU Quality Learning and Teaching Best Practices Guide)


Teaching & Learning Monthly Luncheon
Collaboration and Building Community in the Classroom
(face-to-face, hybrid/blended, and online)

Greetings Faculty!

Thank you so much for joining us for the Teaching & Learning Luncheon on October 6th to explore collaborative learning in the classroom. We have posted the resources shared during the luncheon below:

Schedule for Fall 2016 Teaching & Learning Luncheons (12-1pm)
We will provide lunch for you!:

  • Friday, November 4 (Humboldt Scholars Lab/Library 3rd Floor)
  • Thursday, December 1 (Library 209/Fishbowl)

The HSU QOLT" Team
(*HSU Quality Learning and Teaching Best Practices Guide)

Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Professional Development

HSU eLearning and CSU Academic Technology Services provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff who are designing and redesigning blended and online courses, based on the QOLT Instrument. Please find information about current offerings on our website: QOLT Learning Opportunities

Developing the Center for Teaching & Learning

Faculty & Professional Development

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Policies & Procedures

Programs & Events

  • Campus-Wide
    • Book Circles - Spring 2016 / Archives
    • L4HSU (Summer) - Summer programs centering on three areas in academia: Creativity and Professional Exploration, Cultural Awareness, and Tech Shorts. Programs include professional development workshops, book circles, learning communities, and more.
    • SkillShops (Fall & Spring) - Workshops focusing on learning skills in one or more of five categories: professional skills, life & leadership skills, technology skills, and research and academic skills. Participants include students, faculty, and staff. Students can earn Skilled Learner Certificates by attending one SkillShop in each of the five categories.
    • unConference (Fall & Spring) - An unConference is a series of brief (around 5 minutes each), low-risk, high-return, participant-driven discussions revolving around a particular topic. Each unConference features presentations by students, faculty, and staff who share strategies and tools they’ve found particularly useful.
    • Training and Professional Development
  • Faculty / Lecturers

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