Book Request

Can we get a copy of the book ‘Cancer; we live and die by radiation’ for the library? The book came out in 9/06 and is authored by Michelangelo Delfino and Mary E. Day. Seems most of the other Cal state libraries have it but none near here and I hate ill. Thanks.

I am sorry but we have very little money to buy books and the few that we buy must support the curricular needs of Humboldt State University.  Are you a student or faculty member at HSU?  This particular book does not appear to fit with the needs of our Nursing Department.  I also cannot find any scholarly reviews of this book so I don’t know what experts in the field think about it. 

I suggest that you contact the Humboldt County Library and ask that they purchase the book.  I urge you to rethink your dislike of Interlibrary Loan as it is a wonderful service offered by HSU Library (only to HSU faculty, students and staff) and the Humboldt County Library system.  You might also consider purchasing your own copy which is available for $23.07 at

Sharon S. Chadwick
Science Librarian

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Video Request

Could you possibly add the BBC’s “Planet Earth” DVD’s to your collection?

Thank you for your recommendation. Currently, we have no money to purchase any videos, but I’ve added this title to our video purchase queue for a consideration when our budget situation improves. This looks like an excellent addition to our video collection.

Kumi Watanabe-Schock
Library Media Coordinator

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Suggestion Posting

2-26-07 I made a suggestion on the 16th of this month, it has been 10 days, and I have not seen my suggestion posted with or without a response. I am very disappointed and wondering why you have even created this site if you are going to ignore suggestions and comments posted from it.

We apologize for the length of time it took to respond – we were still working out the bugs in this new blog.  Please see your response in the next post.

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Third Floor Computers

Everytime I have come into the library and look for books, often they are on the third floor, and I see that the three computer’s are monopolized. If I need to do additional searching, I have to go down a flight of stairs or across to the other side of the building to do another search in the catalog, and I find this very inconvenient and would like to see more computers available in this area for people like me. I have also noticed that the people using those computers are always the same people, and they are there at all times of the day. Also, there should be hand sanitzer’s throughout the building.

We are aware of the shortage of computers on the third floor of the Library and the inconvenience caused by some users monopolizing them.  While the Library does have a policy requiring that all users limit their sessions to 30 minutes or less at these machines, it has proven difficult to enforce.  To make these computers more available to HSU students, we will be requiring users to log on with HSU ID and password in the very near future.  We will not be able to provide hand sanitizers in the Library, but do provide restrooms on each floor.  We also regularly clean the keyboards on all of our public stations. 

Jeremy C. Shellhase, Systems Librarian  

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Journal Request

It would be nice to have a selection of “aquarium science”, “reef”, or any tropical fish / coral magazine in the library; this magazine selection is informative, scientific, friendly, and something I would love to read! Thanks You.

The Library used to carry a broader selection of popular magazines that supported the recreational interests of students, including the magazine Tropical Fish Hobbyist.  With our reduced budget we are no longer able to support these recreational magazines and must rely on the local public library to support the recreational and hobby interests of students and the general community.  While the Humboldt County Library carries many popular magazines unfortunately I could not find any aquarium/tropical fish magazines listed in their Magazine List. You might suggest that they subscribe to a magazine in this subject area.
Robert Sathrum
Natural Resources Librarian

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Posting Announcements

I think it would be a good idea to not post announcements about library hours etc… on the sliding glass door at the entrance. It is very difficult to read these as the door slides open as soon as you are close enough to read it. Not only is it difficult to read but the door slides open and closed and one is left blocking the entrance. Perhaps a better and more accesible place would be on the window in between the entrance and exit doors

Thank you for your suggestion.  It is true that signs posted on the sliding doors do move.  They have been posted there as they are more visible and more likely viewed as they are right in your face, but it is true that it could be a hazard.  In the future signs will be posted on the stationary windows; however, there may be occasional exceptions.  If you happen to notice that you, indeed, don’t pay attention to signs on the stationary windows, we’d appreciate your letting us know.  Thank you again.  We appreciate feedback from patrons.

DeeDee Washburn
Library Dean’s Office

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Software on Public Computers

I would like to see other alternative browsers in the library computer labs. Firefox 2 just came out and is gaining popularity.

Thanks for your suggestion.  We will be installing Firefox as an alternative browser on the Library’s public workstations in the near future.  We will be keeping Microsoft’s Internet Explorer also as our default browser.

Jeremy C. Shellhase
Systems Librarian

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Library Hours

As a “non-traditional student” that has decided to live on-campus I am also a student that has chosen to come back to university in order to study long and hard hours in order to make the best grades that I can possibly make while I’m here. It is in this respect that I’d like to request that you extend the hours of operation for the library on weekends in order for many of us to put those extra hours of study in. I feel that I’m not alone in wanting this as I’m not the only one that is “kicked-out” when it’s time for the library to close doors at the end of the night. Thanks for your time and I sincerely hope that you will consider extending the hours of operation here at the library. ~Johnny

Thanks for your suggestion about increasing the Library hours.  We understand your concerns about needing a quiet place to study and wish that we could accommodate your request.  However, due to the ongoing budget reductions, we are unable to increase hours, and, in fact, have been thinking that it might be necessary to decrease them next semester in order to meet this year’s budget reduction.  Although this may not be much consolation to you, HSU has the fourth highest number of open hours in the CSU because we are open 93.75 hours per week.

Best regards,
Sharmon Kenyon, Dean
University Library

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Software on Public Computers

Please put Firefox on all the library computers. Right now they have very outdated versions of IE that haven’t been patched and are a significant security concern to those that use these machines. You can also setup Firefox to flush personal information when the browser window is closed, which would really increase privacy on these computers.

Thanks for the suggestions.  We are planning to add Firefox as an alternative browser to all of the Library’s public workstations in the near future. 

The Library workstations are all set to automatically install windows updates, including updates to Internet Explorer, every evening.  To date, an upgrade to the recently released Internet Explorer version 7 has not been included in Microsoft’s schedule of automatic updates.  We will be investigating this, to see if we will have to manually install this upgrade.

The Library’s computers are also protected by security software that completely restores their configuration when the systems are rebooted.  If you are concerned about the persistence of your personnel information on our public workstations,  restart the workstation as you leave it.

Jeremy C. Shellhase
Systems Librarian

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